2013 Giveaways Listed by End Date:
 Giveaways Listed By End Date:
2013 Giveaways Listed by End Date:


Christopher Robin Screening UA King of Prussia 7/31
Katrina M.
Koretta M.
Mikayla C.
Tara K.
Laurieann G.


Spookley the Square Pumpkin Blu-ray & Plush
Monique S.

Word Party Plush
Eileen B.

Same Kind of Different As Me Fandango

Daniel M

PJ Masks Time to Be a Hero DVD
Tami V.

Color Run Philadelphia

Max 2: White House Hero Blu-ray
Tina B.

Rock Dog Blu-ray

Bernie W.

PBS Kids All About Allergies

Spirit Riding Free 5/11
Virginia R.

Day Out with Thomas Tickets Strasburg Rail Road 5/9
Melissa C.

World Vision Global 6K for Water 5/8
Susan (sjbraun)

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Philadelphia Tickets 4/17
Jennifer B.

GIFTED Prize Pack 4/15

The Swan Princess Prize Pack 4/4
Linda T.

Smurfs Movie Swag  4/2

SING Blu-ray 3/31
Kelly M.

Fences Blu-ray 3/27
Shelly P.

PBS Kids Valentines DVD 2/17
Katie B.

Brave Girls Devotional 2/14
Angela S.

Look! I'm Reading Bible Storybook 1/31


World Vision Prize Pack 12/14
Laura G.

Airship Genesis Kids Study Bible 12/14
Molli V.

The Secret Life of Pets 12/7
Jennifer B.

Zonderkidz Holiday Book 11/30

Hearts for Hearts Girls Doll 11/30
K Bellamy

Peppa Pig Sun Sea and Snow DVD 11/3
Shelly L.

The Swan Princess DVD 9/13
Elizabeth M.

Peppa Pig Sunny Vacation DVD 8/24
Claire Q.

Day out with Thomas Tickets 8/15
Jeremy M.

Peppa Pig Sunny Vacation DVD 8/24
Claire Q.

Kung Fu Panda 3 Bluray 6/27

Eddie The Eagle Bluray 6/26
Jeremy M

Shrek 6/13
Shelly P.

Orkin Bug Catching Kit 5/5

Pfizer Pediatric Products 4/20
Seyma S

JOY bluray 4/20
Mary C

Precious Moments My Noah's Ark Storybook 4/14

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 4/5
Anne P.

Alvin & The Chipmunks The Road Chip 3/28
Cheryl F.

Ice Age The Great Eggscapade 3/28
Janet W.

AMC Tickets The Young Messiah 3/21
Heidi B.

Giant Foods GC 3/17
Soha M.

The Peanuts Movie 3/17
Patricia D.

I am Malala novel 3/7 
Joe K.

Cold Shot by Dani Pettrey 3/3
Renee R.

LEGO Kidsfest 2 tickets Harrisburg 3/2
Kim R. (winner re-draw)

Goodnight, Little Love book 3/1
Jennifer R.

Lego Friends Girlz 4 Life Bluray 2/2

Kung Fu Panda 1 & 2 DVDs 1/19

Maze Runner the Scorch Trials 12/31
Barb g

World Vision Balinese Necklace 12/21

Fantastic 4 Bluray 12/18
Cheryl A.

Doozers & Giant Gingerbread House DVD 12/8
Amber C.

 Suffragette Movie Prize Pack 12/7
 Kelly F.

Moodster Mirror & Storybook 12/2
Claire Q.

VTech Flipsies Playset 12/1
Mary C.

Santa's Little Helper DVD 11/27
Jackie V.

The Moodsters Flashlight 11/6
Candace B

Paper Towns Bluray 11/5
Stacey G.

Home Alone Ultimate Collector's Edition 10/27
Jennifer R.

VTech Flipsies Lexi's Classroom Playset 10/3
Jacqui O.

Read & Share Five Minute Bible Stories 9/11
Gladys P.

 Grandma Kisses 9/13

Strawberry Shortcake Berry Tales 8/25
Ken O.

Far from The Madding Crowd Bluray 8/19

Scooby Doo & Kiss Bluray 8/3
Bernie W.

Dreamworks HOME Party Edition Blu-ray 7/14 

The Longest Ride Blu-ray 7/13
Bill N.

Turbo Fast Season 1 DVD 6/15 
Leah S.

Daddy Loves You So Much Board Book 6/12 
Lisa K.

Strawberry Shortcake Berry Best in Show DVD 5/25
Darlene C

Medieval Times Baltimore Tickets 5/15
Andrea B.

Beatrix Girls Best Song Contest Prize Pack 3/31

General Mills Skylanders Prize Pack 3/19

Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus Tickets 3/16

Night at the Museum Secret of the Tomb 3/16
Melissa B.

Penguins of Madagascar 3/13
Jennifer R.

Russell Madness Blu-ray 3/10
Austin B.

My Little Pony: Adventures of the Cutie Mark Crusaders 3/5

The Beatrix Girls Valentines Prize Pack 2/20 

Strawberry Shortcake Snowberry Days DVD 2/19

$10 GC Family Christian 2/14
Kathy D.

The Best of Me Blu-ray 2/3
Aimee T.

The Book of Life Blu-ray 1/22
Leanna H.

The Maze Runner Blu-ray & Book 1/5   


 Annie Movie Prize Pack 12/26
Ashley A.

$25 Appreciation Certificate Family Christian 12/22
June S.

An Amish Second Christmas 12/12

Where Treetops Glisten 12/11
Eva D.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 DVD 11/23
Sandi M.

When Calls The Heart: Second Chances DVD 11/26
Dede Zoomsalot

The Beatrix Girls Holiday Prize Pack 11/17 
Lauren O.

Rio 2 Sing Along 11/17 
Arik I.

Earth to Echo Blu-ray 11/4
Clenna E.

Hard Rock Cafe Roxtars 11/3
Alisha K.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman Blu-ray 10/30
Jessica B.

Ryan's, Hometown, Old Country Buffet Book of Savings 10/15 
Denise C.
Kim R.
Danielle W.
Kimberly  S.

The Beatrix Girls Popstar Halloween Costume Kit 10/14
Melissa H.

Moms' Night Out Blu-ray 10/7
Heidi B.

Mandisa Get Up The Remixes CD 10/8 
Madonna D.
Ken O.
Darlene N.

Strawberry Shortcake Berry Best Friends DVD 10/3
Stephanie K.

Alexander & Bad Day Prize Pack 10/4
Jordan G.

Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return 9/4
Jasmine R.

The Lego Movie Blu-ray 7/1
Julie D.

When Calls The Heart:  A Telling Silence DVD 6/19
Jackie V.

My Story: Noah & Daniel Tommy Nelson Books 4/24 
Entry #30 Millie D.

Walt Disney Records Sing into Spring 4/8
Preschool: Entry #63 Rachel V.
Tween: Entry #205 Shannon H.

Veggies in Space 4/9 
Julie D.
Jennifer W.
Heather B.

Walking With Dinosaurs 4/8 
Entry #237 Cheryl A.

The Book Thief Blu-ray 3/25 
Entry #89 Steve W.

 $25 Build-a-bear Workshop GC 3/17
Entry #933 Jennifer W.

Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Built to Amaze Tickets 3/17
Entry #27 Shannon H.

Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Big Help DVD 3/6
Entry #129 Lesley F.

Free Birds Blu-ray 2/19
Entry #332 Daniel M.

Warner Bros. Valentines DVD 2/21
Entry #141 Jenny A.

Hexbug V2 Nano Sky Max Set 1/15
Entry #486 Cassandra E.

My Story: Joseph & David Books 1/14
Entry #48 Lisa W.


Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Blu-ray 12/28 
Entry #124 Shemp D.

Carmex Limited Edition Lip Balm 12/28
Entry #207 Linda L.

Cuddle Barn's Grandma Cookie 12/20
Entry #170 Laura J.

The Story of Christmas Board Book 12/10 
Entry #42 Millie D.

A Christmas Gift for Rose 12/5
Entry #361 Cristina
Entry #162 Karen J.
Entry #414 Sherrey M.

Build-A-Bear Workshop $25 GC 12/4
Entry #1144 Michele B.

 Turbo Blu-ray 11/27
Entry #840 Angel H.

Bop It! Tetris 11/23 
Entry # 397 Erika G. W.

Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen 11/18  
Entry #253  Tiffany S.

Home Alone: The Holiday Heist 11/16
Entry #23 Julie W.

Little Critters Books 11/8 
Entry #130 Lilia K.

$50 Target GC & Pampers Prize Pack 11/5
Entry #2727 Carolsue A.

Dreamworks 3Pack DVD's 11/1
Entry #270 Jackie V.

Precious Moments Little Book of Prayers 10/17 
Entry #9 Ronalee D.

The Croods Blu-ray & Plush 10/16
Entry #674 Nicole K. 

The Beatrix Girls Doll 10/15 
Entry #151 Amy B.

Grace Unplugged Prize Pack 10/9 
Entry #87 Michelle T.

Strawberry Shortcake Berry Bitty Mysteries DVD 10/8
Entry #2 Dawn G.

Modern Family Season 4 Blu-ray 10/4 
Entry #768 Sacha S.

The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition 10/2
Entry #659 Amy P.

VTech Cora the Smart Cub 9/26
Entry #404 Cynthia R.

The Prodigal Pig DVD 9/13 
Entry #13 DS O.

 Potty Dance Personalized Book 9/10
Entry #2 Heather J.

School of Dragons Membership 9/7
Entry #6 June C.

Heart of the Country Prize Pack 9/4 
Entry #140 Victoria Z.

McDonald's Monopoly Coupons 9/1 
Entry #203 Xty C
Entry #237 Cheryl R.

The Door Within 8/30
Entry #34 Melanie M.

Epic DVD 8/28
Entry #553 Teresa T.

Storm by Evan Engler 8/11 
Entry #21 Misha F.

My ABC of God Loves Me Board Book 8/10 
Entry #124 Kayla R.

The Blessings Jar Board Book 8/9 
Entry #27 Sara R.

Origami Owl GC 8/7
Entry #132 Donna R.

Dragons: Riders of Berk DVD's 8/6 
Entry #114 Suzie W.

Liberty's Kids Complete Series DVD 8/4
Entry #252 Sara E.

Flattenme Person. Book: Owl Always Love You 8/2 
Entry #49 Kimberly

Nuby Bath Foam Animals 7/23 
Entry #194 Sherrie C.

Heaven is for Real for Little Ones 7/10
Entry #79 Stephanie K.

Jack The Giant Slayer Blu-ray 7/3
Entry # 143 Denise M.

Sprout Organic Toddler Snacks 6/21
Entry #21 Rae N.
Space Warriors Bluray Combo Pack 6/14
Entry #2 Nancy D. 

My Princess Bible Purse 6/14 
Entry #25 Jessamine M.

Thank You God For Kittens/Puppies 5/29 
Entry #71  Lisa W.
Entry #65 Julie M.

Doc McStuffins DVD 6/1
Entry #120 Tina L.

Cuddlebarn's Conductor Cody 5/10 
Entry #204 Melissa T.

Mother India DVD 5/8 
Entry #5 Amy T.

Nuby Wacky Ware Feeding Set 5/3
Entry #269 Holly

Tommy Nelson Prayer For Girls/Boys 5/1 
Entry #42 Teri H.

Shutterfly Stainless Steel Mug 4/28
Entry #235 Christina K.

Talking Ginger Prize Pack 4/23
Entry #86 Ellie W.

Lucky Bunny Hop Carmex & Pretzeldogs 3/31
Entry #171 Jessamine 

  $15 Walmart GC 3/17
Entry #148 Lisa B.

Slugterra DVD 3/16 
Entry #68 Harmony B. 

Ringling Bros. Circus Tickets 3/15 
Entry #74 Jennifer S.

MyBlogSpark Big G Dreamworks Prize Pack 3/9
Entry #187 David H.

McDonald's Fish McBites Coupons 3/6
Entry #183 Tina B.
Entry #110 Janet F.
Entry #213 Ellis B.

Shutterfly Valentine's Day Prize Pack 2/1
Entry #153 Kristina W.

McDonald's McCafe coupons 1/20
Entry #27 Sacha S.
Entry #192 Eugenie W.
Entry #236 Jenny
Entry #52 Cathy H.

Love Finds You in GB Alaska Book 1/15
Entry #177 Kathy C.
Entry #241 Stephy O.

Nuby iMonter Feeding Set 1/7 
Entry #281 Laura J.

2012 Giveaways Listed by End Date:

ScriptureArt Wall Decals 12/30

Entry #252 Sandy V.

$50 GC CafePress 12/30
Entry #1599 Dede

Diary of Wimpy Kid Dog Days DVD 12/27
Entry #266 Miranda S.
Entry #211 Melissa S.

12x12 Photo Calendar MailPix 12/19
Entry #147 Nikki E.

Strawberry Shortcake Jammin W/Cherry Jam DVD 12/13
Entry #143 Sherrie C.

Cuddlebarn's Talking Tom 12/4
Entry #477 Melissa T.

SafeSkin Kids Antibacterial gel 12/3
Entry #25 Joni C.

Heart of Christmas DVD 12/1

Entry #156 Sharon L.

DaddyScrubs 11/30

Entry #122 Michele P.

Statz Rings 11/30
Entry #46 Kaycee M.
Entry #60 Jenny G.
Entry #25 Mary B.

Melissa and Doug Butterfly Tea Set 11/22
Entry #706 Vera P.

EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale 11/15
Entry #565 Darlene Y.

McDonald's Family Fun Pack Coupons 11/6
Entry #80 Jillian V.
Entry #153 tina m.
Entry #117 Kim R.
Entry #233 Wendie L.
Entry #452 Lynn

Room-eez Growth Chart Oliver's Labels 10/17

Entry #131 Shannon F.

Nuby Coolbite Teether 10/13

Entry #49 Shannon S.

Boogie Wipes 10/3

Entry #16 Wendy W.

Amazon GC (Dew Crew) 9/21

Entry #180 laura j.

Milk Unleashed 9/10
Entry #9 Tara H.

I See Me! Personalized Book  9/10
Entry #279 Brooke T.

My Feeding Friend Pillow 9/1
Entry #163 Kelly U.

$50 Code Tiny Prints 9/5
Entry #264 Angela S

McDonald's Under 400 Calories Coupons 8/30
Entry #75 Julie L.
Entry #126 Maggie D.
Entry #52 Latanya T.

Mandisa Remixed Download 8/22
Entry #8 Cristella T.

McDonald's Blueberry Banana Nut Oatmeal Coupons 7/19
Entry #22 Melissa H.
Entry #27 Flora F.

See's Candies $25 GC 7/18
Entry #595 Laura L.

Jane Austen Guide to Life 7/14
Entry #58 Renee C.