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This was my first year attending Sweet Suite, a toy convention for bloggers, content creators and influencers to check out the hottest toys for the upcoming holiday season.   

It was virtual this year, due to the virus, but that didn't stop the biggest night of play from being an amazing event!  Thank you to the Toy Insider for sending us a Sweet Suite Swag Box.

The virtual environment was very impressive with booths for each brand.  You could use the floor plan to navigate or walk around and explore.  Each booth had information about their toy offerings as well as Zoom demonstrations. 

I was able to make a few individual appointments to speak one-on-one with toy reps as well as group demonstrations.  My nine year old daughter zoomed along with me as she was super excited to see all the new toys!

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Just Play

There were so many brands to meet with and toys to see, that it was really like standing in a huge toy store not sure where to look first.  We didn't have a chance to get to every booth, but we got lots of great ideas for our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!    Keep reading to see our Sweet Suite at Home Swag unboxing.

Here were a few of our favorites:

Adventure Academy:  Online Learning for kids ages 8-13

online learning ages 8 to 13

My 9 year old loved how you can make your own avatar, interact with other kids, and complete quests!  I love that it covers so many skills and that it has great safety features to put parents' minds at ease.  This is so relevant right now with kids having to stay home and attend school virtually.  Thank you to Adventure Academy for providing us a full year of play through your giveaway!

Adventure Academy is an educational massively multiplayer online game (MMO) for elementary- and middle-school-age children. It features thousands of enjoyable learning activities that are discovered in an interactive virtual world where the more you explore, the more you learn. Expertly designed to create a highly engaging and educational environment, Adventure Academy focuses on building critical knowledge and skills in language arts, math, social studies, science, and more.

online learning for kids ages 8 to 13

Online Learning for kids ages 8-13

Basic Fun! Toys

Cutetitos Pizzaitos  available in September

• Cutetitos are now CHEESIER than ever, in brand new series 5 Pizzaitos! • Collect 12 all new animalitos in adorable prints and fun new pizza wraps!
 • Cutetitos Pizzaitos are adorable, super-soft, stuffed animals wrapped and hidden in a pizza blanket ready to be unrolled and discovered! 
• To find out if your Cutetito's personality is cheesy, so cheesy, extra cheesy, or super cheesy, just check out its "hot spot" - a pizza slice shaped icon you can find on its hip!
 • You will also get 1 of 4 unique pizza wraps – cheese, pepperoni, spicy, or even Hawaiian pizza with ham and pineapple! From a Turtlito to a Poodlito and even a Ladybugito, there are 12 brand new Cutetitos to collect in fun new patterns! 
• Some are SUPER RARE – can you find them? A pet collector card is included with additional information about your new pet including its species, name, birthday and "hot spot" cheese-o-meter rating.  

Sweet Suite at Home

Pound Puppies  available now

 • The original Pound Puppies are back with new authentic reproductions that look and feel just like everyone remembers! 
• Ready to be adopted and loved, there are a variety of puppies to choose from, with different facial and eye expressions, ear lengths and fur colors in an updated soft material
 • Each comes in a pet-carrier shaped package and includes a care sheet and official adoption papers

Sweet Suite at Home

We also attended a fun dance party with the Baha Men to "Who Let the Dogs Out".

Pound Puppies, Sweet Suite at Home


Tamagotchi ON Wonder Garden  available now (ages 6+)

● Two new colors: Lavender, Turquoise 
● New home screen
 ● New Room to change to
 ● Games IN YOUR TOWN o LIBRARY – keep track of the number of books lent out o DRESSMAKER – push the button to give the dressmaker energy to create a gorgeous dress
 ● Special Land: Wonder Garden o Exclusive characters: Yumemi-Alice, Kirarihatter
o New accessories, items, meals and snacks in Wonder Garden o In place of Magic Land/Fairy Land

Sweet Suite at Home

Playmobil  available now

PLAYMOBIL SCOOBY-DOO! Adventure in the Mystery Mansion (70361):  Scooby-Doo™, Fred™ & Daphne™ are on the case to investigate the secrets that lie inside the Mystery Mansion™. Spooky surprises await them in shadowy corners and creaky corridors, and nothing should be overlooked. Beware! A trap door, dangling chandelier, secret hideouts, hidden doors, and a trick staircase will keep the gang on their toes. With the help of the PLAYMOBIL app, ghosts and ghouls can be projected as a hologram on the ground floor. The light up coffin illuminates the ghost cards, giving the crew clues and bringing them closer to capturing the villain. Eeek! The coffin also comes with creepy and haunted sound effects to add to the eerie atmosphere.  The vampire's changing faces can be shocking, but once the crew unmasks him, the mystery is finally revealed! Playset includes Fred™, Daphne™, Scooby-Doo™, vampire, haunted mansion, coffin with projector and sound effects, three ghost cards, and many more accessories for an exciting adventure! Check it out here!
Sweet Suite at Home
PLAYMOBIL Back to the Future DeLorean (70317): When teenager Marty McFly is blasted to 1955 in the DeLorean time machine created by the eccentric Doc Brown, he finds himself mixed up in a time-shattering chain reaction that could vaporize his future - and leave him trapped in the past. Now you can climb in and travel through time with Marty in the DeLorean and experience his fantastic adventures, firsthand.  Based on the 1980s cult film trilogy, "Back to the Future," this set includes Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown in their 1985 outfits and Einstein the dog, as well as the legendary DeLorean DMC-12, equipped with a plutonium tank, flux capacitor, and dashboard time travel indicator. To switch to flight mode, all four wheels can be folded by 90 degrees.  Requires 2 x AAA batteries.  
Sweet Suite at Home

These were just a few of our favorites from Sweet Suite at Home.  We'll be sharing more on our social media channels and in our upcoming Holiday Gift Guide.  

Sweet Suite at Home Swag Unboxing:

Thank you to the Toy Insider and all of the brands for an amazing event!    You can follow The Toy Insider on social media for updates.
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  1. I loved the unboxing video. I dont have kids, but I have a young nephew, and it's interesting to see what kinds of toys are popular for today's kids.


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