PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel Streaming This January #MasterpiecePBS

This month, PBS Distribution debuts four new programs for your streaming pleasure on the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel ($5.99/month with Amazon Prime).  

If you are a fan of period dramas like Victoria, Poldark, or Downton Abbey, I think you'll enjoy the miniseries Howard's End, based on the classic E.M. Forster novel.  

It's a beautiful feast for your eyes with gorgeous costuming, a dramatic and enjoyable plot, and stars Matthew Macfayden, Hayley Atwell, Julia Ormond, and Tracey Ullman.

Howard's End will also premiere on Masterpiece on your local PBS station January 12, 2020.

If you're into murder mysteries, you may enjoy a new series called "Vienna Blood".  There are also two new dramas from Walter Presents including "Home Ground Season 1" and "The Blood Pact Season 1" both with english subtitles.

Happy viewing!

Howards End
Written by Kenneth Lonergan, (‘Manchester by the Sea’, ‘Gangs of New York’) comes the four- episode adaptation of E.M. Forster’s, “Howards End”. Starring Matthew Macfadyen as Henry Wilcox, Philippa Coulthard as Helen Schlegel, Julia Ormond as Mrs. Wilcox, Hayley Atwell as Margaret Schlegel, and Tracey Ullman as Aunt Julie, this is a fresh take on the story of two independent and unconventional sisters and the men in their lives seeking love and meaning as they navigate an ever-changing world.

Also starring Joseph Quinn, Rosalind Eleazar, and Alex Lawther.
PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel
Streaming: January 13, 2020
Episodes: 4
Genre: Drama
Language: English
Margaret Schlegel is an intelligent, idealistic young woman who is courted by the older Henry Wilcox, a self-made conservative businessman. After his wife Ruth Wilcox dies unexpectedly he becomes the owner of Howards End. Meanwhile Margaret’s passionate and capricious younger sister Helen Schlegel takes up the cause of Leonard Bast, a young bank clerk who falls on hard times at work and at home with his partner Jacky. In the absence of their late parents, the sisters’ loving but interfering Aunt Juley tries to keep the young ladies and their brother Tibby on the straight and narrow. 
Vienna Blood
Cultures and ideas collide in 1900s Vienna, Austria, where opulent cafes and opera houses set the scene for heated discussions about philosophy, science and art. Max Liebermann, played by Matthew Beard (‘The Imitation Game’, ‘And When Did You Last See Your Father?’), is a brilliant young English doctor and one of Sigmund Freud’s young students. He encounters Austrian Detective Inspector Oskar Rheindardt, played by Juergen Maurer (‘Vorstadtweiber’, ‘Tatort’) who is struggling with his latest murder case. Max decides to help Oskar investigate the unusual and chilling string of murders.
PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel
Streaming: January 20, 2020
Episodes: 6
Genre: Crime/Drama
Language: English
Max draws upon his perception and forensics skills, along with his deep understanding of human behavior and deviance, to solve some of Vienna’s most mysterious and deadly cases. 
Walter Presents: Home Ground, Season 1
After leading her team to sensational results in European women’s football, coach Helena Mikkelsen finds her achievements ridiculed by the male experts of the footballing world. When a newly promoted Norwegian football team loses its coach just before the start of the league season, the team scrambles to find a new head coach. Michael Ellingsen, a former football star puts himself in the running with Helena as his assistant coach.
PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel
Streaming: January 17, 2020
Episodes: 10
Genre: Drama
Language: Norwegian with English Subtitles
However, fueled by everyone’s lack of trust in her, Helena demands to also be considered for the lead position. She soon learns that the club is in bigger trouble than they realized, and despite his initial hesitation, the club director decides to give Helena the historic opportunity to be manager. Michael and the team don’t attempt to hide their bitterness… Will she be able to lead them to victory when they refuse to believe in her?  
Walter Presents: The Blood Pact, Season 1
Two years after becoming a widower, work-obsessed Hugo is struggling to balance his work life with fathering his two daughters. His 8-year-old has become best friends with the daughter of a prolific ex-criminal, Marius. Soon after being released from prison, Marius is involved in a freak accident with Hugo. They become friends, however this friendship draws Hugo deep into a dangerous web of crime. In the end, how far will Hugo go for his family?
PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel
Streaming: January 31, 2020
Episodes: 10
Genre: Drama / Crime Thriller
Language: Danish with English Subtitles

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