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There is just something about hugging a soft plush animal that lightens your mood and makes you happy.   My daughters have lots of "stuffies", so many that we have had to gift them to others to free up some space in their rooms.  But each year at the holidays we can't help but add to their collection because they love them so much. 

Thank you to Squishmallows for sending these plush for review.  All opinions are mine.

Squishmallows are not your average plush.  They're not just cute, they are soft and SQUISHY.  The squish is what drew my two daughters to them.  Imagine a cuddly marshmallow combined with a squishy stress ball and you'll understand how they got their name.

It's no wonder over 20 million have sold in North America since Squishmallows launched in 2017.   The SQUISH is fun and addictive {and not just for kids, kids at heart too}!


There are more than 50 styles of Squishmallows {such as elephants, cats, unicorns, Halloween themed, Holiday themed, and more} in various sizes, from 8" to 20" pillow size.  

The smaller sizes can be found at stores like Five Below, Target, and Walgreens, but I have yet to find the huge pillow sized ones.   The pillow size is on my wish list, because I love me a squishy pillow and you're never too old to cuddle with a stuffy.


My two girls are obsessed with unicorns so they were thrilled to receive unicorn Squishmallows: Ace and Astrid!

Not only are they adorable with pretty colors, they are made of a spandex and polyester that feels similar to memory foam that gives them that SQUISH.    I love that they are machine washable too.



Get to know Ace! He is ready to be your next big thing. Ace is the actor-extraordinaire born on January 4th. Where is his favorite place to be? The stage of course! He isn’t shy, if you couldn’t tell. Ace wants to one day write and direct his own film. Ace is talented on and off the screen. What else does he do? He is the star quarterback on the football team. Ace is definitely a team player. He’s known for rallying his teammates and energizing them at every game. Need someone to bring out the best in you? Ace is here to do just that. 


Do you believe in fate?  Astrid does!  She is a dreamer and she loves learning about how the stars align.  Her birthday is December 21st, the longest night of the year!  Isn't that perfect for Astrid?  Her most prized possession is her telescope and she is rarely ever without it.


Squishmallows have a great variety to choose from for both boys and girls.  The Holiday Squad is so adorable; we haven't seen them in stores yet but are on the hunt for the Ruby the Reindeer, Nick "Santa", and Elliot the Elf.

Squishmallows Holiday Squad

These can be comforting for anyone who likes something to squish, cuddle, or lie down on.   Squishmallows can also be helpful to those who have sensory issues or anxiety.  My oldest has sensory issues; I am hopeful that her new soft squishy friend will be a comfort to her when she is feeling overwhelmed or having a sensory meltdown.  

Squishmallows make a great stocking stuffer or gift!  If you find the Holiday Squad in store, scoop them up because they're already selling out online.

Where to Buy:  Target, Walgreens, Five Below and Squishmallows.com

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