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Are you a fan of medical dramas?  You need to check out Fox's latest show: The Resident Season One now available on DVD.

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Starring Matt Czuchry (The Good Wife), The Resident is a powerful new medical drama that focuses on the final years of a young doctor’s training and rips back the curtain to reveal both the good and the bad in hospitals across the country.

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The Resident takes place at Chastain Memorial Hospital where Conrad Hawkins is a confident and rebellious doctor who breaks the rules, bucks authority at times, and often thinks outside the normal box of medicine.  Sound familiar?  You may think it is similar to Fox's successful drama HOUSE.  Well it is, but it isn't.  

Matt Czuchry is not only younger than HOUSE, but also much less cranky, has no physical restrictions, and is better on the eyes {sorry Hugh Laurie}.  I can't help but see him as Rory's boyfriend Logan from Gilmore Girls but in scrubs.  Similar confident attitude, risk-taker, a bit mysterious and complicated, and difficulty with personal relationships.

The Resident Season One
The RESIDENT/Twentieth Century Fox

This television drama is gritty, dealing with serious topics like problems with health insurance, the cost of medical care, and making hard choices where finances at the hospital are the bottom line.  

Emily VanCamp from one of my other favorite dramas, Brothers and Sisters, plays Conrad's girlfriend.  She is a caring, wonderful nurse who plays the yin to Conrad's yang.   

The Resident Season One
THE RESIDENT/Twentieth Century Fox

If you're a Gilmore Girls fan, then you will love this sometimes soapy drama.  You can binge watch all of Season 1 to catch up to Season 2 which currently showing Mondays on Fox.

The Resident Season One

Where to Buy:

The Resident Season One is available on Amazon

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