Anne of Green Gables The Good Stars on DVD Nov. 7th #Sponsored #HolidayGiftGuide

I received a copy of Anne of Green Gables The Good Stars for review.  All opinions are mine.

Anne of Green Gables The Good Stars, the second installment in the PBS series, is releasing to DVD November 7th.  The first installment premiered last Thanksgiving and reached over 3.2 million viewers, so the DVD release is perfectly timed for those who want to see the second part over the holiday season.

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I was about twelve when I first started read L.M. Montgomery's  novel Anne of Green Gables.  Like Anne, I had an active imagination, a bit of a temper, and a tendency to get myself into trouble.  Also like Anne, I was in that awkward stage of wishing that I could look like and be somebody else {who hasn't gone through that growing up?}.  There's just something about Anne Shirley that resonates with me.

I can't remember if I read the book before I saw the 1985 movies on PBS, but I loved everything about it:  the characters, the little town of Avonlea, Prince Edward Island, and how Anne became a teacher like I dreamed of being.  Megan Follows was the perfect Anne, and like probably every other girl, I was in love with Jonathan Crombie as Gilbert Blythe.  {My mom and I also watched the Road to Avonlea series, which followed other characters in Avonlea, weekly on the Disney Channel.  This too is one of my absolute favorites!}

When I heard that PBS was re-making this classic, my gut reaction was instant.  There was no way they could re-make my childhood favorite {that theory that lightning doesn't strike twice usually applies to most re-makes}.  

If you look at it by itself, without comparing it to the original, it is a fresh take on the series for a new generation of fans.  It seems to follow closely to the book, with the same funny and endearing story lines.

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In this installment, Anne Shirley turns 13 and faces complex situations with friends, learns from inspirational adults, and experiences an escalating friendship with Gilbert. Her free-spirited nature is challenged by her perceived need to be sensible, a journey fraught with confusion and some unfortunate — albeit amusing — mishaps.

This second installment, written and directed by John Kent Harrison, will once again star critically acclaimed actor Martin Sheen as Matthew Cuthbert, along with the return of Ella Ballentine as Anne Shirley and Canadian treasure Sara Botsford as Marilla Cuthbert.

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Additional cast members include Julia Lalonde (“Catch a Christmas Star”) as Diana Barry, Kate Hennig (“ThirtyTwo Short Films About Glenn Gould”) as Rachel Lynde, Stefani Kimber (Remember) as Josie Pye, Drew Haytaoglu (“Looks Just Like the Sun”) as Gilbert Blythe, Kyle Gatehouse (Source Code) as Mr. Phillips and Linda Kash (Cinderella Man) as Mrs. Barry.

While the 1985 version will always be my favorite, I love that I have the chance to share this new Anne of Green Gables with my own daughters.  I hope that they love the story as much as my mom and I.   It's themes of friendship and love are timeless.

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Anne of Green Gables The Good Stars will also air on PBS Thanksgiving night Thursday, November 23, 2017, at 8:00 p.m. EST. {the first part will air afterwards for those who have not seen it} 

The third installment, ANNE OF GREEN GABLES – FIRE & DEW, will premiere in 2018 on PBS. 

Where to Buy:

Anne of Green Gables The Good Stars is currently available on Amazon for $12.96.

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  1. I kind of wish they would play the first part the night before or earlier so that I could watch them in sequence, although I will be happy to watch this any way they have it. I know what my plans are for Thanksgiving night. Not only do I like all things pre 1900, books, movies, shows, but I also know I will enjoy this and the series in 2018. I cannot wait.

  2. I would love to watch it soon! This is sounds fascinating series!


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