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I am a 2017 Dutch Wonderland blogger; as such I received tickets in exchange for my honest review.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own. 

School will be out before you know it and summer is right around the corner.  If you have children under 12 and a visit to an amusement park is on your summer Bucket List, Dutch Wonderland is a perfect choice.  We've made it a tradition to visit a few times a year, and are never disappointed.  

amusement parks in PA, Lancaster attractions

We took my two girls, ages six and two this past weekend.  We've had a lot of rain lately, so we were glad that even though it was cool and overcast, we had a dry day to enjoy the park.

Character Meet And Greets
Dutch Wonderland, Princess Brooke, Merlin, Duke, Knight

When we arrived, we found Duke the dragon, Princess Brooke, Merlin, and the Knight of Safety there to greet us.  My six-year-old was excited to see them, but my two-year-old was a bit shy and took some warming up.

Dutch Wonderland

There are many opportunities to see characters during the day.  We usually try to stop by Story Time with Princess Brooke.  The girls enjoyed a story, some interaction with Brooke and the Knight, and were able to get their picture taken.  

Dutch Wonderland, PA attractions, amusement parks in PA, kingdom for kids

Dutch Wonderland, amusement parks in PA, Lancaster, things to do with kids

We also stopped by Duke's Meet and Greet before heading over to Exploration Island.

Duke the dragon

Exploration Island 

Exploration Island is one of our favorites because of the dinosaurs. You can dig in the sand pit for fossils, push the buttons to make the dinosaurs move, and feel like you've stepped back in time for a bit. 

Dutch Wonderland

Dutch Wonderland

Dutch Wonderland

The Sunoco Turnpike cars are always a hit! We took turns riding with each of the girls and letting them drive.


There is a variety of rides for different ages; you can ride on many with your child and some are just for the kids.  AK has grown taller and was able to ride quite a few more by herself (though she can't wait to ride the big wooden coaster alone!).  AB was able to enjoy more rides this year too.  It warms my heart to see them riding together!

amusement parks, things to do with kids in PA, summer bucket list

Dutch Wonderland

Dutch Wonderland

Food Options

When your kids get hangry, there are many food options at Dutch Wonderland, including Merlin's Restaurant and the Millstream Eatery.   Bean Sprouts has some great healthy choices like sun butter and jelly sandwiches, grilled cheese and veggies and smoothies.  

Bean Sprouts

Food Allergies

Since we have a little one with severe food allergies, we packed her food and bought lunch for the rest of us.  If you look at the website, they do not make any guarantees about their food being allergen free.  You can ask a manager about specific food allergy questions, but we found it easier to pack our own.

You can also save a bit of money if you pack snacks/meals {there are eating areas outside the park} and return; they will stamp your hand at the gate.

Coming this Summer 2017

This summer, we are really looking forward to the opening of  Merlin's Mahem, Dutch Wonderland's first suspended family roller coaster!  Merlin's Mahem allows riders 39" and taller to soar through the sky with Merlin on a quest to find his beloved dragon. 

They are in the construction phase right now, which means a few rides like the train and sky ride are temporarily closed.

This coaster will rise 60 feet in the air at its tallest point, with two helix turns, twists and dips.  Merlin will give clues and encouragement through on-board audio within the seats plus hidden clues during the ride.  It sounds like a fun adventure!

Get a sneak peek on Youtube:  https://youtu.be/8AZ5y7QpFBE

Amusement Parks in PA, Lancaster attractions, PA attractions, summer amusement parks, deals on tickets to Dutch Wonderland

  • Don't forget sunscreen
  • Measure your child to find out what color Gem they are.  The map and each ride has a sign to show how tall you have to be to ride and whether you must ride with an adult.
  • While they are building Merlin's Mahem, the Sky Ride and train are not running due to the construction.
  • It's worth buying a Dutch Wonderland cup; it costs $6.99 and refills are only $.99 all season!
  • Save $ by packing your lunch and leaving it in a cooler in the car.  There are picnic areas outside the park and you can have your hand stamped to re-enter.

Check out this re-cap of our day:

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Dutch Wonderland
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  1. Very cool! I grew up not too far from Dutch Wonderland, but never went. Now I wish I had when I was a kid!

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