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I received a personalized book from I See Me! for review. All opinions are mine and you should try them out for yourself.

My youngest daughter has severe food allergies, which can make it difficult to find a variety of safe egg-free and peanut-free candy in our local grocery stores.   While we have found a few safe items, we usually look for more non-candy Easter basket filler ideas.  

One of our favorite items to add to her Easter basket is personalized books.  This year she will be receiving an extra special book that encourages sisterly love called "We Go Together Like.." from I See Me!. {Her sister received the Super, Incredible, Big Sister personalized book a few years ago}

I See Me! Personalized Books, Easter gifts, non-candy Easter Basket ideas

What's so unique about I See Me! is that your child's name doesn't just appear on the cover or title page.  It's woven into the story line, making your child feel special and allowing them to relate more to what's happening in the story (names blocked out for privacy).   

I See Me! Personalized Children's Books

We Go Together Like is the perfect choice for siblings or best friends.  Kids will be excited to see how their extra-special twosome is compared to popular word pairs such as hello and goodbye, peanut butter and jelly, thunder and lightning, sunshine and rainbows and more throughout the text.    My two girls often fight like "cats and dogs" so they can both relate to the fun pairings in the book.  You can also customize each child's appearance based on skin tone, hair color and gender.  

I See Me! Personalized Books

AB is just learning to recognize her name in print.  This has the perfect amount of repetition for a toddler moving into preschool age.  She loves pointing to her name and seeing the two cartoon characters as herself and her sister.  It is also great for AK to read out loud to her (with a little help).

As a parent, it warms my heart to see a book that encourages the special bond between sisters!

I also love that you can virtually tour the entire book on the site so you will see exactly the way it will look before you purchase.  They make personalizing your special book very easy!

I See Me! has a variety of unique and personalized gifts for any occasion.   They make wonderful keepsakes!

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