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I received Buffy Meets the Zoonicorns and two plush for review.  All opinions are mine.

Both of my daughters love reading imaginative stories and playing pretend.  When a story has a cute and cuddly animal to make the story come alive, they are even more excited and eager to read!

We recently discovered a book called Buffy Meets the Zoonicorns and the coordinating adorable plush Zoonicorn.  What's a Zoonicorn you say?

Well, a Zoonicorn is a magical creature that is part unicorn and part zebra.  There are four Zoonicorns, each one with a different color and different traits.  Each plush is about 7" tall, with white and colored stripes, a tuff of hair on its head and tail, and has an attached tag with its name.

The Zoonicorn family includes:

children's books, plush animals, Buffy Meets the ZoonicornsValeo (Blue): The Zoonicorn leader who overcomes his shyness when meeting new friends and loves hanging out with his buddies near the Africa exhibits!
children's books, Buffy Meets the Zoonicorns

Promithea (Purple): Reliable and shy, Promithea epitomizes intelligence and gentleness and is the perfect secret keeper for all of her pals.
Children's books, Buffy Meets the Zoonicorns, plush animals
Aliel (Pink): Spunky, fun, and always zooming at full speed, Aliel is friends with every animal at the zoo and makes a great companion for any child too!
Buffy Meets the Zoonicorns, childrens books, plush animals
Ene (Green): A charming practical joker who loves mischief and his naps! Great for snuggling when catching some Z’s.

These cuddly pals were like magnets with my two girls.  They cuddled them right away and couldn't wait to read more about them!

Buffy Meets the Zoonicorns, cuddly plush, stuffed animals, kids apps, kids plush, children's books

In Buffy Meets the Zoonicorns, a young bison named Buffy finds herself feeling restless in her zoo enclosure. She wants the freedom that the older animals have. Her mother sings her a magical lullaby to help her fall asleep.  Buffy drifts off and dreams about a herd of Zoonicorns; magical creatures that are part unicorn and part zebra. There she is free and can play with the zoonicorns but she misses her family.  When she wakes up next to her mom again, she is glad to be home and is more at peace. 

Zoonicorn, Kids apps, Zoonicorn app, Zoonicorn plush, Zoonicorn book, kids books, children's books, kids apps

I love the positive messages of acceptance, belonging, and contentment in this book!  It is great for younger children from toddlers to more independent readers (about second grade).  The illustrations feature soft, soothing tones.

kids books, children's books, Zoonicorn plush, Zoonicorn app, Zoonicorn book, kids plush

The story was a little long to keep my toddler's full attention, but she eagerly played with her Zoonicorn while listening.  My oldest is in Kindergarten and is absolutely obsessed with unicorns, so it was the perfect choice for us to read together (Plus our local zoo has a bison for a mascot, so she thought that was pretty neat too).

The story is great to read before bedtime, as your little ones can snuggle with their Zoonicorn and look forward to joining them in dreamland!
The Zoonicorn website has a parent section and store as well as a kids section.  In the kids section, independent readers can read more magical stories, plus download printable activities and coloring pages. 
If you download the Zoonicorn Apps, the app will read the stories out-loud to your child and they can play educational games.  The kid-friendly story and game apps are available on both Android and IOS through the Apple App Store and Google Play.  
children's books, kids apps, Buffy and the Zoonicorns, kids plush

I use the apps as incentive to clean up at the end of the day.  The girls aren't fond of cleaning up, but if they have the app to look forward to afterward, they are more willing to help.  The games are easy enough that my toddler can play, but not so easy that my six year old gets bored.  
The Zoonicorns plush have been a huge hit at our house!  Besides their obvious cuteness, they encourage imaginative play and are great companions for any time of day.  Plus the interactive apps are a big bonus!
Which Zoonicorn would your child choose?

kids apps, plush, stuffed animals, children's books, Buffy Meets the Zoonicorns

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