Upcycled Lacing Card Craft {Book Extension Activity} #ChickfilamomsDIY

As part of the Chick-fil-A Moms Panel, I received a coupon for soup to use in this upcycled soup container craft. All opinions are mine.

Signs of spring are starting to show here in Pennsylvania.  One of our favorite things to do in spring is visit a farm and see the new baby animals.  We also read some great books about animals and do some fun extension activities with my two girls.

One of our favorite books is Barnyard Song by Rhonda Gowler Greene, illustrated by Robert Bender.  My preschooler loves making all the barnyard animal noises!   One of her favorite animals is the cow, and what do you know, I'm a Chick-fil-A mom!  The mom panel was recently challenged to come up with an idea to upcycle a chicken tortilla soup container.  

DIY Lacing Card, cow crafts, kids crafts, fine motor skills activities, book extension crafts, barnyard song

I took AB's love for cows and came up with a DIY Lacing Card with her favorite animal.   Lacing cards are great fine motor skill practice and are fun to take along on car trips or doctor's appointments to keep your preschooler occupied.  My six year old even enjoys it!

Here are the steps to make your own cow themed Lacing Card Upcycled Craft {Book Extension Activity}:

DIY Lacing Card, cow crafts, kids crafts, fine motor skills activities, book extension crafts, barnyard song

One Chick-Fil-A chicken tortilla soup container
White Glitter Glue (we chose Glow-in-the-dark)
White Acrylic Paint
Paper Plate 
Drill with small bit
Small paintbrush
Cow template

Step 1:  Wash out the soup container and let air dry.

DIY Lacing Card, book extension activity, cow lacing card, repurpose plastic

Step 2:  Drill the holes for lacing around the sides of the soup container.  These can be spaced however you wish.  

Upcycle a Chick-fil-A soup container, book extension craft, book extension activity, books about cows

DIY Lacing Card Craft, lacing card, farm animals craft, cow craft

Step 3:  Print and cut out the face from the cow template (I downloaded and resized to 300x409 in picmonkey.com and cut off the horns).  Then color with crayons and paint over it with white glitter glue (you will want to do a thin layer so it isn't lumpy).  Let dry completely.

DIY lacing card, upcycle a Chick-fil-A soup container, book extension activity

Step 4:  Paint the base of the container with white acrylic paint allowing for black cow spots.  The photo below is one coat. Ours took 3 coats; let paint dry about an hour between each coat.

Book extension activities, books about cows, cow crafts, chick-fil-A soup container

Step 5:  Paint white glitter glue over the white areas on all sides.  This provides texture and sparkle.  If you use glow-in-the-dark glitter glue, it is even more fun (though to have a really dark glow, you will need to do several light coats)!  Let dry overnight.

Step 6:   Attach the cow face to the bottom of the base using modpodge.  There is a square gap in the base, so your cow will need to fit over the gap.  Allow an hour or two to dry completely.

DIY Lacing Card, cow lacing card, book extension activity, repurpose plastic

Step 7:  Your child is ready to begin lacing.  It's best to start a hole from the inside of the container so that your lace will end inside and can be stored with the lid sealed on top.  You can store other colored laces too.

repurpose a chick-fil-a soup container, cow craft, books about cows, farm animal craft, crafts for kids

Chick-fil-A soup container repurposing, Chick-fil-A soup container craft, kids crafts, cow crafts, farm animal crafts, books about farm animals, barnyard song

I hope you enjoy making this Upcycled Lacing Card Craft/Book Extension Activity with your preschoolers.  It can be used with other books about farm animals too. 

DIY, Lacing Card, cow lacing card, kids crafts, cow crafts, farm animal crafts, book extension activities, books about cows, Barnyard Song, Rhonda Gowler Greene

Upcycling a Chick-fil-A soup container, cow crafts, barnyard song, kids crafts, books about cows, book extension activities, book extension crafts

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  1. The is a great idea. Upcycling is a fun way to do crafts with your kids and save on supplies.

  2. This is really awesome. I love how creative you are. The craft is definitely fun to make with the kids! It's a great idea!

  3. This is such a cute idea! I love to find new, fun ideas for crafts. My son would love to help me make this.

  4. thats cute! great recycling idea. im sure kids loves to participate in this kind of activity.,
    -Kelly Reci

  5. Ohh, this is a nice idea. It will really enhance the motor skills of kids while at the same time enjoying what they are doing.

  6. i think this is a great thing to do with the kids. its a great source of bonding!

    -My Teen Guide

  7. I like this simple craft. It would help preschoolers develop their fine motor skills. I am sharing this post with my friend who owns a preschool. Her little students would have a blast with it.

  8. My niece will probably enjoy doing this! It's a fun activity for kids and even the older.

  9. This is such a neat and fun idea! I always hated the idea of throwing stuff away when I bring it home. This makes a fun and unique twist on reusing something.

  10. What an adorable craft! I know that any toddler would love this, and it's good to know that it helps with motor skills, too. I also love reusing, since it's a great way to make something new and save the earth!

  11. This looks like a fun idea. I enjoy doing crafts with my son. I know he's going to love this!

  12. Oh that's really cute and so creative. The grand kids love crafts like this. I'll have to start saving my containers.

  13. This is a really smart little craft that could be in any preschool classroom !


  14. Great and creative craft! I love it. Taking something old and making it new. I love your blog. My name is Brandy, and im new to the blogging communhttps://whimsicalwolfblog.com/2017/03/14/the-bond-of-a-mother-and-daughter/?iframe=true&theme_preview=trueity, its nice to meet all of you! Have a blessed day


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