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I received a copy of Get Inspired with Max for review as well as a gift card.  All opinions are mine.

As a parent, it is my job to teach my little ones traditional values like how to be compassionate, kind, responsible, and to treat others the way they want to be treated.  It is also important to me that they have a positive self-image and know that they are deeply loved.

Did you know that 95% of our behavioral patterns are established by age six?  Young children learn these traits in many ways; through examples at home and observing others around them.  

One of my favorite ways to inspire learning is through reading books that are relatable to them. Not only is it important for early language, but also for a small child's world view.

Inspirational Nursery Rhymes, Todd and Jackie Courtney, books for toddlers, positive self-image, traditional values

The Inspirational Nursery Rhymes series was written for toddlers to create a positive belief system and self image using adorable animal characters and rhyming text.  

Get Inspired with Max by Todd and Jackie Courtney has cute illustrations of Max the mouse, his parents, sister Molly, and his animal friends.

These simple rhymes promote positive thinking, self-worth, creativity, and taking responsibility for ones actions.    According to the authors, these “rhymes are scientifically written to condition the toddler with a positive belief system at the subconscious level. As the child grows, they will be able to draw from this knowledge they learned at an early age and create a path toward success.”

Get Inspired with Max, Todd and Jackie Courtney, books for toddlers, books about positive self-image for children

My toddler loved the adorable mice, rabbit, raccoon and koala bear.  She kept pointing to them and saying "awww he's so cute!"  While the concepts may be a little above her understanding as a two-year-old, I know that it is laying a good foundation toward learning those important values.  My six year old has more of an understanding and we were able to discuss what she thought each poem meant.
self-help books for toddlers, Inspirational Nursery Rhymes series, Todd and Jackie Courtney, books that teach traditional values

There are four books so far in the series, and my girls are eager to read more of them.  The Inspirational Nursery Rhymes Series is a wonderful tool for parents that provides great examples and encourages positive thinking and making good choices.

Where to Buy:  

Get Inspired with Max is available on Amazon for $8.99 and comes with a free e-book copy.

books that teach traditional values, toddler books, Get Inspired with Max, Todd and Jackie Courtney

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