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I received products from The Moodsters for review.  All opinions are my own.

As a brand ambassador for The Moodsters, I love helping spread the word about the importance of helping children develop emotional intelligence (EQ) skills. 

Who are The Moodsters?

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They are a team of lovable little detectives that use their special sleuthing skills and detective gear to help kids navigate the emotional maze of childhood.

These cute detectives teach children all about emotions:  what they are, how to recognize them, and how to deal with them.  And they are a great tool for parents too!  The Moodsters website has downloadable resources for parents with helpful tips and strategies and activity pages for kids to go along with the toys.

This holiday season Denise Daniels, Creator of The Moodsters, is debuting two new teaching tools:  

The Moodsters Feelings Notebook & Feelings Crayon Set and The Moodsters Talking Plush and Activity Book assortment.

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The Moodsters Feelings Notebook and Crayon set helps kids express what they are feeling in a creative way.  It has a 50 page notebook divided with tabs for each character/emotion plus five jumbo sized crayons representing each emotion: the green crayon for afraid, pink for loving, yellow for happy, blue for sad, and red for angry. The notebook also provides strategies for handling each of these emotions.

Emotional Intelligence, educational toys, EQ, handling emotions, preschool strategies

Both of my girls tend to have emotional outbursts throughout the day {sometimes they feed off each other's meltdowns, which if you have a two-year-old and five-year-old I'm sure you can relate}.  I love that these toys explain to them that there are no wrong feelings, that all feelings are okay.  And that it is important to learn how to deal with our feelings in an appropriate way.

educational toys, emotional intelligence, handling emotions, preschool

The notebook is a great tool for my five-year-old to stop and think about why she is upset.  Then she can draw a picture in the angry part of her notebook and tell me more about her picture and why she is angry.   (Often she is angry about her sister taking her toys or a parent not doing what she wants right away)  Sometimes it diffuses a meltdown and provides a distraction for her until she can calm herself down.  I am looking forward to more conversations with my two-year-old about feelings as well in the hopes she will be able to better express herself and have less outbursts and tantrums.

Her favorite is the The Moodsters talking Lolli plush and activity book.  Lolli represents the emotion of love, and AK is all about the color pink.  There are stickers and fun activity pages inside the 32 page book that she completed with some help from me and Lolli.  When you squeeze Lolli's tummy, she says different phrases about how she's feeling loving.  The plush is a great size for little hands to snuggle. 

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Both of my girls really enjoy learning and playing with The Moodsters and have already put the other character plush toys on their holiday wish list.

Where to Buy:  

The Moodsters Feelings Notebook and Crayon Set is $11.99 and the Moodsters Talking Plush and Activity book is $16.99.   

All The Moodsters toys are available at Toys "R" Us.

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  1. Love all these products

  2. I have never seen or heard of these little guys before. However, I think they are not only a toy every child would enjoy having to play with but they also can learn by playing with them. The child can express their own emotions using these cute little characters.


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