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I received a So Truly Mine baby doll for review.  All opinions are my own.

My girls are as doll crazy as I am.  We have dolls for all types and sizes and you'll probably see them first thing when you walk in our living room {you might also trip over a few doll strollers too}.   They play with them, take them on car trips, and sleep with them at night.  Dolls are special companions and are right up there on their favorites list next to their stuffed animals.

My five-year-old loves to pretend to be a little mommy.  When she found out that we were receiving a realistic baby doll from The Ashton-Drake Galleries, AK couldn't wait to get her hands on it. 

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The Ashton-Drake Galleries company is known for their high quality collectible dolls.  I've seen many photos of them online and marveled at how life-like they look.  It's hard to tell them from photos of real babies at times!

The So Truly Mine line is perfect for younger girls {and boys} ages 3 and up.  These 15" baby dolls are handcrafted of RealTouch vinyl, hand painted, and specially designed and weighted to feel so real in your little one's arms.  Not only can your child can choose the hair, skin and eye color of their baby, but they also have the option of choosing a boy baby. {There aren't many places that you can find boy baby dolls}  You can also go online and print a personalized birth certificate for your child's new baby.

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While these dolls have a higher price point than you'd expect for a play baby doll, the detailed features and soft high quality vinyl are definitely worth the investment for years of play.  They also have a 365 day return policy to guarantee customer satisfaction if you are unhappy with the doll you receive (see website for details).

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AK's baby doll {who she named Kyla} arrived in a pink polka dot box, her body gently wrapped and protected.  My five-year-old commented that she almost looked like a little mummy in there.  {The brown outer shipping box does have print on the outside of it indicating the product, so you will definitely want to hide it when having it shipped to you in case your child can read or recognize the logo.}

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Each baby doll includes a cloth diaper and sleeper.  The details of this doll are simply gorgeous. I wish that blogs could share smell-a-vision because she has this sweet baby powder scent that you notice right away and reminds you of a real baby. 

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Her eye lashes are crafted to look just like real ones.  The eyes do not open and close, which AK was a bit disappointed about.  But they are a striking blue shade and add to her charm.

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The hair is painted and you can feel the ridges along her head. 

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This baby just begs to be cuddled with her soft vinyl hands and legs and weighted body.  Her arms can move up and into a position and she can even sit up on her own.

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Her fingernails and toe nails have a little white line on them, making them look like real nails!

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No detail is missed, including the folds and wrinkles of baby skin and little baby ears.

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You can also choose additional accessories for your child's baby doll.  We were sent the Holiday Dress accessory set which includes: a red holiday dress with a bow, a matching headband, white tights, black shoes, and a small plush snowman that is also weighted and can stand upright on its own.   

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The accessory set is also great quality with easy open-and-close velcro and snowflake details.  The only items that a younger child may have difficulty with are the tights and the soft-sole shoes; they require more finesse and may need the help of a parent to get on just right.
baby doll shoes

There is a great assortment of additional accessories on their website including a diaper bag, cradle, and other clothing sets.  

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How adorable is baby Kyla in this holiday dress?  Can you imagine a little one's delight upon seeing her under the tree?   I would have loved a doll like this when I was little!

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These So Truly Mine Baby Dolls are so life-like and adorable!  It would make a wonderful holiday gift for the special little mommy or daddy in your life.

Where to Buy:   

You can purchase the So Truly Mine baby doll on The Ashton-Drake Galleries website for $99.99 and the Holiday Dress Accessory Set for $39.99 plus shipping/handling

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  1. Thank you for the great review! It's hard to find many on this doll. Could you tell me what hair color the doll in your review has (blonde or light brown)? Also, would bitty baby clothes fit her?

  2. I believe her hair is light brown; it's kind of a dark blonde. She's 15" so most Bitty Clothes should fit her but I am not sure about the shoes and tights as her body feels a bit thicker and her thighs are thicker.

  3. This is a beautiful baby doll -- super cute holiday dress. I am sure my granddaughter would enjoy loving and taking care of her.

  4. Does that doll ever look realistic, right down to the toenails. This would make a wonderful Christmas gift.

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