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I received tickets to Dutch Wonderland's Happy Hauntings for my family to review. All opinions are my own.

Dutch Wonderland, Happy Hauntings, amusement parks, Lancaster attractions

Fall is our absolute favorite time of year as a family to enjoy outdoor activities here in PA.  The weather is {usually} cooler, the leaves are beautiful colors, and there are lots of local pumpkin patches, fall festivals, and amusement parks with Halloween/fall themes.  We love Dutch Wonderland's Happy Hauntings for our little ones because it is perfect for this age group {not too scary and lots of fall photo opportunities too}.  

Dutch Wonderland, Happy Hauntings, Lancaster attractions

It was our first time taking our two-year-old and five-year-old together to Dutch Wonderland.  I was a little nervous with AB because of her serious food allergies {she is allergic to peanuts & eggs and can have an anaphylactic reaction if she ingests it or in the case of peanuts, touches it}.  

Dutch Wonderland, Happy Hauntings, Lancaster attractions

We packed a small lunch bag with safe snacks and drinks for her, along with her action plan from the allergist and her Epi pens.  The people at Dutch Wonderland were great about it and we had no problems getting through security at the gate.

Trick or Treat Trail

We headed to the Trick or Treat trail on Exploration Island first in the hopes that it wouldn't be too crowded right when the park opened.  The trail was completely different than when we went on our first trip {the dinosaurs were not there a few years ago}.  

Dutch Wonderland, Happy Hauntings, Exploration Island, trick-or-treat trail, dinosaurs

The trail wound along the dino dig area and through the dinosaur path.  Many of the dinosaurs were dressed in cute costumes; my girls laughed at the T-rex with a tutu and the dinos dressed as Minions!  Employees were also dressed in cute costumes to match the dinosaurs and were very friendly.  AK's favorite was the Star Wars theme with a dino dressed as Darth Vader.

I was pleasantly surprised that my two-year-old wasn't too afraid of the dinosaurs.  It was nice to take our time through each station and not worry about her getting run over by any older excited kids.  

Dutch Wonderland, Happy Hauntings, amusement parks

If your child has food allergies, you need to be aware that the candy may not be allergy friendly {Kit Kat bars, Reece's peanut butter cups, lollipops with bubble gum, etc}.  There was one station where the employee asked about food allergies and offered an alternative toy whistle.  AB's eyes lit up and she was very happy about that!   The candy wasn't really an issue since I brought special treats for her from home.  As she gets older and is more aware, we will need to have more discussions about why she can't have the same foods as her sissy does.

Dutch Wonderland, Happy Hauntings, amusement parks, Lancaster attractions


There over 30 rides in the fall for different ages throughout the park.  Parents can ride on many of them with their little ones, which was great for our youngest.  Our oldest loved being higher up on the chart this year and being able to ride alone.  The lines weren't too bad for most of the rides {other than the Fun slide, that seemed to take a long time waiting for people to return their mats}.

things to do in PA, Dutch Wonderland, Happy Hauntings, amusement parks

My favorite family ride was the gondola ride around Exploration Island.  We saw the dinosaurs along the trick or treat trail and other fun Halloween displays.  AK loved the Joust roller coaster, frog hopper, Sunoco Turnpike cars, and Off-Road Rally trucks.  

Dutch Wonderland, sky ride, Happy Hauntings

AK and her daddy have a tradition of riding the sky ride together, which is always a favorite too.

Character Meet & Greets

Seeing Duke the Dragon is always a hit with my girls.  This year, we saw Duke with the Knight {we missed the Princess somehow}.  AB couldn't stop staring up at him and pointing, which was very cute.  There are several opportunities to see Merlin the Wizard, the Knight, and the Princess throughout the day {they walk through the park as well at certain times}

Dutch Wonderland, Happy Hauntings, amusement parks, dragons, kingdom for kids

Food Options

There are many food options during Happy Hauntings including Merlin's Restaurant and the Millstream Eatery.   Bean Sprouts has some great healthy choices like sun butter and jelly sandwiches, grilled cheese and veggies and smoothies.  

Since we have a little one with food allergies, we packed her food and bought a few snacks and a drink for her sister.  If you look at the website, they do not make any guarantees about their food being allergen free.  You can ask a manager about specific food allergy questions, but we found it easier to pack our own.

You can also save a bit of money if you pack snacks/meals and go out to your car and return to the park; they will stamp your hand at the gate.

Dutch Wonderland, halloween, pumpkins

My family had so much fun at Happy Hauntings this year!  It's a wonderful place to make memories with your little ones this fall.

Save on Tickets

You can save on tickets to Dutch Wonderland's Happy Hauntings {Oct 22/23, Oct 29/30} by clicking on the link below or using this online promo code:  momhauntingsblog16 
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