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Thank you to Safety 1st for providing me with an UltraMax Air 360 4-in-1 Car Seat for review.  All opinions are my own and you should try out the product for yourself.

One of the most important pieces of equipment you buy for your children is their car seat.  I have had various car seats over the past seventeen years as a mom of three.  The main things that I look for in a car seat are:  safety, comfort, affordability and longevity.  

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I have spent lots of time researching specs and making lists to compare seats in my price range over the years.  Today's technology makes it less intimidating and time consuming, since now they are making seats that can grow with your child.  That means only needing one seat for each stage!  {I wish they had this when my son was born}

I was recently asked to test out the Safety First UltraMax Air 360 4-in-1 car seat.  It can be used from 4 to 120 lbs.  It can be used as a rear facing seat for babies 4 to 22 pounds, an extended rear facing seat for children from 15 to 50 pounds, a forward facing 5- point harness car seat from 22 to 65 pounds, and as a seat belt positioned booster seat from 40 to 120 pounds (and 57 inches tall).  Simply put, this seat is amazing!

As soon as I got it out of the box, I was impressed with the construction of this seat.  Its steel reinforced frame is a bit heavier and wider than I am used to, so my hubby installed it for me.  Installation was fairly easy and didn't take much time at all {especially since hubby is now a seasoned pro at car seat installation}.

Safety 1st, car seats for toddlers, convertible car seats

The heaviness and bulkiness of this seat does make it difficult to take in and out of the car.  If you need a seat that is more transportable between cars {or for field trips} that might be the only down side to this convertible seat.

There were a few simple adjustments in head height and strap height that we made to fit my toddler.  The head rest lifts up and down with one hand and the straps are also easily adjustable.  The seat is deep with lots of padding for comfort.  "Cushy" is the word my five-year-old used to describe it when she tried it out before we put it in the car.  {She's a bit jealous that sissy gets the cushy seat!} 

car seats, car seats for toddlers, Safety 1st products

One thing to note: the safety strap pads come off a little too easily; little miss has already taken them off several times since they have small velcro to attach them.  You may just want to remove them altogether if your child keeps playing with them like mine does.

There is a really neat feature with the ClickClean™ seat pad/cover; push a yellow button to lift it off, and voila, you can throw it in the wash.  We haven't had any messy spills yet, but you know how dirty car seats can get.  This is an awesome feature for a busy mom who doesn't want to wrestle her car seat to get the cover off!  It also has two cup holders that are removable and dish washer safe.  AB likes to use it not only for drinks, but for holding her favorite small toys as well.

Safety 1st car seats, car seats for toddlers, car seat covers, click clean

Most importantly, this seat has been tested for safety.   The Safety 1st UltraMax Air 360 car seat has 360 Protect™ for 6 layers of proven safety. These seats go through rigorous safety testing and are crash tested at every angle. These angles include rollover, front impact, rear impact and side impact testing.  Knowing that my precious cargo is protected from every angle definitely puts my mind at ease!

Safety Features
car seats

The only 4-in-1 convertible car seat that features 360 Protect™ for 6 layers of proven safety:

  • Air Protect® for superior side impact protection 
  • G-Cell™ HX energy absorbing foam, the same technology used in race cars
  • Steel reinforced frame for additional stability
  • Motion control headrest contains movement
  • Deep seat structure for shielding the child 
  • Soft foam throughout the seat for additional safety and comfort
  • Car seats with Safety 1st’s Air Protect Technology are safer*. 
  • Air Protect technology is proven to help keep children safer in the event of a side impact crash.
*Based on testing Safety 1st seats with and without Air Protect.

While the cost might seem a bit daunting at first, the longevity of this seat is well worth the investment.  We are very happy with the design, safety, and features of the UltraMax 360!

Where to Buy:

Safety 1st UltraMax Air 360 can be found at babiesrus.com for $259.99.

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