Pete's Dragon In Theaters Today 8/12 {Movie Review} #PetesDragon

I attended a free screening for Pete's Dragon.  All information provided by Walt Disney Studios and opinions are my own.

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I always look forward to going to a movie screening.  Many times I know what to expect, but this time was different for me and AK.  I grew up in the 80's and 90's so Disney stories that I know well are Aladdin, The Lion King, and The Little Mermaid just to name a few.  Pete's Dragon was a story that I had heard, of but nobody had shared the story with me. So this movie was a new and fresh adventure for AK and I to enjoy together for the first time.  

The story-line was great and kept us glued to the screen throughout.  There was a range of emotions and themes from start to finish ranging from excitement, sadness, courage, friendship, faith, family, adventure, trust, love, hate, anger, teamwork, and perseverance.  

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PETE’S DRAGON / Disney© 2016

It was a story of a boy plagued by sadness and loss who stumbles upon a dragon who becomes his best friend and protector.  Raised in the woods by a dragon for more than 5 years, it was fun to see Pete's first dose of human interaction with a loving family.  As time goes by, Pete and his dragon are ripped apart; later to be reunited, but not without some mega drama in the meantime.  

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PETE’S DRAGON / Disney© 2016

Disney did a great job with the dragon (Elliot) in this story making him into a huge creature that is maybe a little scary (but not too scary for my 5 year old).  Disney designed Elliot to be very cute and cuddly, while still being strong and scary enough to be Pete's best friend and protector.  

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PETE’S DRAGON / Disney© 2016

As I mentioned before, AK was glued to the screen for the entire movie which does not always happen at her age.  That goes to show you how good the story-line is.  I noticed that the slew of 3 and 4 year olds in the theater made it most of the way through the movie without losing their focus.   

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PETE’S DRAGON / Disney© 2016

Would I go again or recommend this movie to other families?  This dad says absolutely!  

I'm sure it will be another Disney classic added to my list of favorites.  If you're thinking of taking your kids to this movie get ready to laugh, cry, cheer, and begin to believe that dragons really do live in the forest.  Between the two of us we give this 4 thumbs up! 

This review was written by The Attic Guy.  

"Behind The Wings"-On Set with Elliot- Clip: 

Don't forget to download these free Pete's Dragon activity pages before heading out to see it in theaters.

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