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I received Shrek party items and movies for family movie night.  All opinions and love for Shrek are mine.
Shrek Swampthon
We celebrated 15 years of Shrek with a #Swampathon marathon of all 4 Shrek movies this past weekend thanks to Fox Home Entertainment.  And I have to say it was Shrektastic!

The folks at Fox sent us an amazing party kit including Swampcorn, gingerbread cookie cutters, Shrek headbands, face paint sticks, Pin the Tail on Donkey game, Shrek figures, freezable mugs, and the Shrek 4 movie Collection on Blu-ray.

Shrek Swampathon Movie Marathon


For dinner, we had Pigs-in-a-blanket.  They were easy peasy to make and a big hit!  We used turkey hot dogs and Pillsbury crescent rolls. 

Shrek Pigs in a Blanket

Part of our party was supposed to include some gingerbread cookie baking.  However, our plan to get pre-made cookie dough and cut them out in the shape of Gingy failed.  The attic guy couldn't find several supplies at our local grocery store (apparently baking gingerbread in June isn't wildly popular here).  So we settled for our mint chocolate chip Ogre cookies.  And they were pretty ogre-iffic!

Shrek Ogre Cookies

We also made Swampnilla pudding, which was so yummy I admit I ate more of it than my dinner.

How to make Swampnilla Pudding:

Swampnilla Pudding Recipe

print recipe

Swampnilla Pudding
  • 2 cups Milk
  • 1 box Instant vanilla Pudding
  • 1 shaker Wilton dark green sugar sprinkles
  • 1 box Vanilla wafer cookies
Make your instant vanilla pudding according to the box instructions. We used Jello instant pudding which requires 2 cups of milk in the bowl, add mix, and whisk by hand or hand-mixer for a few minutes until thick. Put in the fridge for about ten minutes to get cold. Add to small cups. Sprinkle the top with Wilton dark green sugar sprinkles. Add a vanilla wafer to each cup.
Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 4 servings

Swampjuice went well with our Swampcorn, though I think the girls would have liked Hawaiian green punch better.  (again, hubby couldn't find in our local store)

The frosty mugs were great for keeping our drinks nice and cold!

Shrek Swampjuice & Swampcorn

Fun & Games

I turned my family into ogres (note that I am missing because I was the one coordinating all of this and there was no time for mama to get painted up! Well, that's my excuse anyway).  

Shrek Swampathon Party

Shrek Swampathon Party

We played fun games during our Swampathon too.  It was the first time AK tried Pin-The-Tail on Donkey and she loved it so much she asked to do it over and over again.

Shrek Operation got a lot of laughs!  I bought this game ages ago when my son was little.  It's fun to try to take out parts like toe jam and pain in the butt without making Shrek's nose buzz in anger.

Shrek Party Games

It was so fun to watch all four movies and celebrate Shrek's 15th anniversary with an epic Swampathon!  

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Fox Home Entertainment Insiders

I received Shrek party items and movies for family movie night. All opinions and love for Shrek are mine.
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