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I received a Moodster Meter and storybook as part of The Moodsters Ambassadors.  All opinions are my own.

I am very excited to share with you that I am an ambassador for The Moodsters, a new toy line coming to Target September 7th!

The Moodsters Brand Ambassador

Who are The Moodsters?

They are a team of lovable little detectives that use their special sleuthing skills and detective gear to help kids navigate the emotional maze of childhood.

These cute detectives teach children all about emotions:  what they are, how to recognize them, and how to deal with them.  And they are a great tool for parents too!

The Moodster Meter, The Moodsters

As a mom, I want my children to have the tools they need to become emotionally healthy adults.  Teaching children to become aware of their emotions and how to regulate them is incredibly important!  I love that The Moodsters uses books and toys to help young children understand emotional intelligence on their level!

Meet the MoodstersMy daughter enjoys reading every day.  When we introduced her to the Moodsters and the Moodsters meter, she was drawn to the cute characters and story line.  I love how this opened up conversation about feelings and how we should share them in positive ways.  We have been working on using our feelings words and trying to remain calm when she is in the middle of a tantrum/emotional episode. I believe that this will be a helpful tool for her to recognize her feelings and learn to express herself in a better way.


I recently was a part of a group phone conference with the creator of The Moodsters: Denise Daniels. She shared her background, the importance of emotional intelligence (EQ), and why she created The Moodsters. 

You’ve worked with children in many capacities—as a pediatric nurse, as a counselor, doing grief therapy with children around the world, now with The Moodsters. What drew you to work with children in the first place?
Denise Daniels creator of The Moodsters

I’m kind of like a child that’s never grown up. I’ve always loved the honesty of children, and I love watching children play—we learn so much by observing our children and sitting back and listening.
I started out in labor and delivery as a nurse, then I switched to pediatric oncology. I had so much to learn from working with these kids and their emotional maturity. It touched my heart, and I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of.

How did you get interested in the subject of children’s emotions and how they deal with them? Why is that so important?

Several years ago, I founded a nonprofit organization called The National Childhood Grief Institute. It really tapped into an unmet need, because people weren’t talking about kids and grief. I had the opportunity to travel throughout world for the State Department and for other nonprofit organizations to work with kids experiencing trauma, loss, grief, family transitions. No matter what country I was in, no matter what language they spoke, and regardless of socioeconomic background, all children’s feelings were universal.

Then it became my mission to help kids understand their emotions, and to help the caring grown-ups in their lives teach them about emotions. Many of these children don’t have the cognitive capacity or the vocabulary to talk about feelings. It’s our job to give them the words.

Is EQ related to IQ?

IQ is pretty much set at birth. But kids can grow their emotional intelligence throughout their lives. And the EQ skills we teach our children will last a lifetime. Our little ones are never too young for us to begin teaching EQ skills.

Tell us about The Moodsters—how did you come up with this idea?

When I started the National Childhood Grief Institute, there was nothing out there for kids at all. I wanted to make toys they could use, so I got my hot glue gun and made a little feelings mirror. Kids could see what they looked like when they were happy or sad or angry or afraid.

In the 1990s, Pfizer Pediatrics asked me to develop a program for pediatric residents, because so many doctors were uncomfortable talking with their little patients about sickness, death, and dying. I made a “feelings thermometer” that doctors could use with children who were sick. Later Pfizer did a study that showed that these kids required shorter hospitalizations and less pain medication.
I always had this fantasy of being able to develop more of these tools, and then I had this wonderful opportunity with Target to make these tools available for all kids.

Why did you choose these five emotions to focus on: happy, sad, afraid, angry, loving?

We did a lot of research with Dr. Marc Brackett of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. He confirmed that these are the primary emotions kids experience. He and I talked about developing a curriculum that was appropriate for kids. We thought easiest way was to have colors to represent the primary emotions. It helps drive the message home when children are drawing their feelings.

What are The Moodsters?

The Moodsters are five little detectives who solve feelings emergencies. They have two human friends, Zach and Zoey, and they collect evidence and solve top-secret cases to help their human friends understand their emotions.

Our curriculum is based on the RULER method, which stands for helping kids to Recognize, Understand, Label, Express, and Regulate their emotions. That was our platform, and we evolved from that to the toys, which we developed with Kids Preferred, one of world’s leading toy companies. They’ll be in Target stores starting September 7.

Why are these products aimed at preschoolers? Isn’t it important for older children to learn about emotions, too?

It is important for older children, and for adults, too. You can’t educate a child unless you help the parent as well. In our generation, we didn’t talk about emotions a lot. But now we know that 30% of kids are coming to kindergarten missing the basic emotional and social skills they need to succeed. If they don’t know how to handle relationships with other kids and teachers, how will they ever be able to learn and grow?

In every storybook we offer “Guidelines for Grownups,” saying, this is how you need to read the book with your child, this is the EQ skill we’re teaching. You can’t educate one and not the other.
How can The Moodsters help parents help their children? I really believe that the Moodsters can change a whole generation of kids—and I don’t mean that in an arrogant way. We look at stories on the news and we think, “What is going on in this world, and where is the empathy?” That’s why we’re doing this! If we can teach kids to be more sensitive and kind, they’ll do better in their whole lives.

The Moodsters Coloring Printable

Coming Soon:

The Moodsters App for Android & Apple

The Moodsters App

Featuring:  Meet the Moodsters Interactive Storybook, The Moodster Meter, Moodster Mirror, & Feelings Notebook.

Enter to win The Moodster Meter
The Moodster Meter and Storybook
Every parent has a thermometer for taking a child’s temperature—now every house should have a Moodster Meter for taking a child’s emotional temperature! Young children don’t always have the vocabulary to describe their emotions, so the Moodster Meter provides a safe, fun, interactive way for kids to show how they’re feeling inside.

They just push the Power Up button to align with the character and emotion that represents what they feel: Snorf (sad), Lolly (loving), Quigly (afraid), Razzy (angry), or Coz (happy). By putting the tools for expression right in their hands, the Moodster Meter makes it so much easier for young kids to talk about what’s going on inside.

The Moodster Meter comes with a full-color, 32-page storybook, Meet the Moodsters. The Moodster Meter will be available at Target and Target.com in September $19.99.


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  1. I talk very openly to my kids about emotions , ie: I felt frustrated when....

  2. They are very vocal when they are emotional... I encourage them to tell me how they feel. Lots of facial features too.


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