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McFarland USA Blu-ray

  In the tradition of Disney sports movies comes “McFarland, USA” based on a true story of underdogs triumphing over tremendous obstacles. This heartwarming drama follows novice runners who strive to build a cross-country team under Coach Jim White (Kevin Costner) in their predominantly Latino high school. Everyone has a lot to learn about each other, but when Coach realizes the boys’ exceptional running ability, things change. Beyond their talent, it’s the power of family, commitment to each other and work ethic that transform them into champions — helping them achieve their own American dream.

I love a feel-good movie that is based on actual events.  McFarland USA tells the true story of a coach and a high school track team in the hispanic community of McFarland.  It is one of those underdog stories that shows how hard work, determination, and the support of family and community can bring about amazing achievements.

Kevin Costner McFarland USA
MCFARLAND USA / Disney© 2015

Kevin Costner has always been one of my favorite actors ever since I was in high school.  He brings charisma and depth to the characters he portrays.  He is very dynamic in this movie as a high school coach with problems of his own, but becomes a mentor who comes full circle and learns something from the teens he coaches.  

The actors portraying the teens in the film also play convincing roles.  Each teen has their own set of challenges and comes from a lower economic background.  I couldn't imagine having to get up at the crack of dawn to go to a job in the fields before school and help after classes just to feed my family.  The fact that these teens did that every day and still managed to run track and graduate high school is incredible.

You will love finding out more about the actual people portrayed in the film and what they did later in life. 

This is an inspiring family-friendly film to watch with your tweens and teens about accepting cultural differences, teamwork, friendship, finding your strengths, and not giving up when faced with challenges. 

Disney's McFarland USA
MCFARLAND USA / Disney© 2015

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