Disney's #Tomorrowland in Theaters Today 5/22 {No Spoilers Movie Review}

I attended a free screening for Tomorrowland.  All information provided by Walt Disney Studios and opinions are my own.

I remember watching the Jetsons cartoons as a kid and thinking how amazing it would be if the future had flying cars, food at the press of a button, and robot assistants that did your bidding.  I mean, what kid doesn't dream of fantastical and incredible things like that?  {I have to admit I'm a bit disappointed to become an adult and still not have the chance to ride in a flying car.}  Every person has their own vision of what they think the future looks like, kids and grown-ups alike. 

Disney's Tomorrowland

Disney's Tomorrowland in theaters today {May 22} deals with not only a vision of the future, but brings a positive message too. 

The movie starts off a little slow, but builds and draws you in.  You really don't know what's going on exactly, but you keep waiting and wanting to find out.   There are two different experiences that you are following; a teenage girl named Casey and a former boy genius turned adult named Frank.  Time skips around a bit from the present to the past back to the present but that is to be expected from the writer of "Lost."

TOMORROWLAND / Disney© 2015

Movie REview
TOMORROWLAND / Disney© 2015

Casey goes through some action packed moments on her journey along with Frank to discover what Tomorrowland is.  Her glimpses into Tomorrowland leave you wondering and wanting to know more.   The film only gives you a glimpse of this place that Casey sees, which just isn't enough.  I'm not sure if maybe there were some cut scenes or if that was completely intentional.  But in order to really be hooked into the vision, I would have liked to see more of the amazing technology in Tomorrowland.  

TOMORROWLAND / Disney© 2015

There are some really funny moments in the film and some endearing ones.  Actress Britt Robertson is very convincing as you see her transfer from one world to the next.  And can I say two words:  George Clooney.  He has great comic timing as Casey's "mentor".  I absolutely loved him!  But then again, it's George Clooney.  So of course you'd expect that, right?  

Athena & Frank
TOMORROWLAND / Disney© 2015

You also see a couple of my other favorite actors Hugh Laurie and Tim McGraw (he is always a great father figure in movies!) and an adorable actress with freckles named Raffey Cassidy as mysterious Athena who helps both Casey and Frank on their mission.

TOMORROWLAND / Disney© 2015

The positive messages you can take away from this film are great for tweens, teens, and adults.  It really gets you thinking about your own perspective.  {What do you see the future looking like?  What are your hopes, dreams?  What can you do to make the world a better place?} Some of the message may be over a 7 year old's head.  I can't say too much because I don't want to spoil the premise of the movie for you. 

On a family friendly scale, the action sequences aren't very violent or surprising for younger audiences.

Also, you should be aware that it is a rated PG Disney movie, so if you're surprised at words like "Son of a"(they leave off the rest)  and "Hell" in a Disney film, just a heads up for your younger kids that there is a little language.

This is definitely a fun sci-fi movie for your family to see and discuss together!

Check out these free Tomorrowland activity pages before heading out to see it in theaters.

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