Get Your Teen off The Screen at The Baltimore Blast {Youth Night} #sponsored

I received media tickets to the Baltimore Blast's Christian Youth Night.  All opinions and love for the Blast & Ashes Remain are my own.

Baltimore Blast Christian Youth Night

It sure has felt like a long winter this year!  The weather has kept us from getting out and doing much as a family.   The kids have been pretty stir crazy, especially our teenager who has been attached to a screen in one way or another.  If you have teens at home, I'm sure you can relate to the problem of trying to get him or her away from their cell phone or other technological gadget for even a few minutes.

Last week, I dragged my teenager ahem, we attended the Baltimore Blast's Christian Youth Night featuring local Baltimore band Ashes Remain.  Prior to going to the game and concert, my teenager was reluctant to show much excitement for leaving the house.  If it doesn't involve a screen, he is usually not interested.  Once we arrived, we noticed quite a buzz as they opened the door to the arena.  There were hundreds of youth league soccer kids that were getting introduced to go onto the field and surround the walls to get ready for Baltimore Blast player introductions.  

The crowd gave an electric home-town welcome to the Blast players as they jogged onto the field slapping "high-fives" to all of the youth league players surrounding the field.  

Baltimore Blast Christian Youth Night

As play began it was very easy to see how dominant the Blast are in this indoor soccer league.  The teamwork executed by the Blast was sensational and they made scoring look easy at times.  It was refreshing to see an overall sense of sportsmanship between both teams as there was a brief skirmish that broke out between players. An aggressive kick from the Blast sent a Chicago player head first into the wall.  Things got pretty heated for a moment or two between players.  After the refs sorted things out the Baltimore goalee seemed to spearhead the mending of fences between teams.  I'm not sure if this type of leadership happens often, but I thought it was a refreshing display for kids to see, how teams should conduct themselves in any sport.   

Baltimore Blast CHristian Youth Night

Halftime brought the Baltimore Blast cheerleaders out for a high-paced dance routine.  After the dance number concluded there was a special soccer game waged between Baltimore TV media members and Baltimore Radio media members. This game was pretty entertaining and it was fun to see people that we're used to seeing or hearing as "on-air" personalities. 

When the 2nd half resumed so did the clinic that was being put on for the Chicago team by the Baltimore Blast.  My son and I enjoyed the precision dribbling, passing, shooting, and scoring during the Baltimore Blast soccer game.  We even got to see a goal scored in the second half that looked like a bicycle kick that zoomed to the back of the net with no time for the goalee to react.  The scoreboard was not friendly to the Chicago team as they eventually fell to the Blast 24-0. 

Baltimore Blast Christian Youth Night with Ashes Remain

After the game was over the grounds crew readied the South end of the field for the concert that was soon to begin.  Ashes Remain came out to their "home-town" crowd and played a great concert.  Each member of their band is extremely skilled and fun to watch.  My night was complete when my son leaned over and said "this is awesome!  Thanks for bringing me!"  

If you're not familiar with Ashes Remain, here's a clip:

Those words made my day as it seems to take a miracle to bring much excitement to my teen's face.  It was the first Baltimore Blast soccer game for my son and I (also our first Christian Youth Night concert to follow), but I'm sure it will not be our last as we certainly had a "BLAST".

Baltimore Blast
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March 11th at 7:30 PM 
Individual tickets for the 2015 Baltimore Blast Post Season can be purchased by calling the Blast office at 410-73-BLAST or through TicketMaster at 410-547-SEAT. 

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