Paper Plate Pumpkin Craft, Books, & More Pumpkin Themed Activities for Preschool

One of the goals on my Fall Bucket List is to do more crafts with my preschooler.   The other day we had a bit of time while the baby was napping to do a few fun Pumpkin Themed activities.

The first activity was a Pumpkin Paper Plate Craft{I found this on Pinterest}.    This is a very simple craft you can do with items you probably already have around the house.

Supplies You'll Need:

1 paper plate
1 sheet of green construction paper
1 sheet of black construction paper
a pencil
orange craft paint 

AK was excited about painting; it's one of her favorite things to do.  I used a heavier paper plate, flipped it over to the white side, and let her paint it completely orange.  Once she was finished, we put it aside to dry {it took about an hour}.

Then I traced AK's hands to make the green leaves and cut out a simple stem.  I cut out a simple face of triangle eyes and a triangle nose with a smiley mouth for her pumpkin. 

She glued the face, stem and hands onto the pumpkin with some Elmer's glue.  And voila!  Her pumpkin was finished.

After we did our craft, we read the 5 Little Pumpkins booklet and she colored in the pictures.  This is a great story for sequencing.

5 Little Pumpkins Coloring Booklet from DLTK

5 Little Pumpkins to Color | Play group / five little pumpkins coloring book

I found this great Pumpkin Themed Preschool pack online and printed out some of the activities.  She likes the pumpkin matching puzzles and pumpkin seed counting.  I keep them in a little folder for her to go back to so they can be used over and over again.

Pumpkin Tot Pack from A Teaching Mommy

Pumpkin-themed printables and activities for kids. Includes both "preschool" and "toddler" ideas!
We also read some fun books about pumpkins that we checked out at the library. 

Books About Pumpkins:

Cover image for The pumpkin bookCover image for Ready for pumpkins
Cover image for Duck & Goose find a pumpkin
Cover image for We harvest pumpkins in fall

AK had a lot of fun doing these Pumpkin themed activities!  What pumpkin crafts or activities would you recommend for preschoolers?

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