My Fall Bucket List #TDCLBlogtober14


The DC Ladies are hosting a Fall Back to Blogging Challenge called Blogtober and I'm hoping to keep up with all the fun!  Today's writing prompt is your Fall Bucket List.  Since I have a colicky two month old and an energetic 3 year old at home, my list is pretty simple.

1.  Sleep

This is pretty self-explanatory.  With a newborn at home, all I want is some rest and I'll take it whenever I can get it!

2.  Get outside as often as possible

We haven't been able to get outside much lately with allergies & colds etc.  But it's my goal to get outside and enjoy the cooler weather.


3.  Juggle everything without losing my mind or my patience

For the past two months, life has been pretty much turned upside down since our new Attic Baby has arrived.  She needs to be held pretty much all the time and cries LOUD and OFTEN {though you couldn't tell from this cutie pie face!}.    

It can be hard to try to keep up with her needs and the needs of my other kids.  Add to that the housework and daily routines like baths, meals, and blogging...I've been doing 19 hour days without a break.    Some days I don't do well on the patience meter.

4.  Take more fall photos

I'd like to take more photos of the kids and fall foliage.  

The kids really enjoyed their latest excursion to Maize Quest Fun Park in PA:

 Corn mazes in PA

5.  Do some fall crafts with my preschooler

I love spending time doing crafty things with my preschooler.  Hopefully the baby will allow us to do this!

We loved making this DIY fall themed colored rice table last year:

 DIY, sensory bin, colored rice

6.  Try some new slow-cooker recipes

I love my crockpot and really want to try some new recipes that I've seen on Pinterest and other blogs.

Here's one of our favorite recipes for Apple Bourbon BBQ Chicken:

 Zaycon Foods, slow cooker recipes

What's on your fall Bucket List?

8 comments on "My Fall Bucket List #TDCLBlogtober14"
  1. Hi Shelly!

    You have such sweet children.
    Congrats on the newest addition. Adorable!

    I love the Fall themed rice table. So colorful!
    I haven't seen one like it. Great idea!

    I also love my crockpot and with the new slow-cooker liners clean-up is a snap.

    Have a great rest of the week!

  2. You have lots of great things to do this fall! Enjoy the baby, enjoy your kids. It was so hard adding #3 to the mix but we made it through. :)

  3. I love your list, Shelly! I definitely agree with you about getting outside and enjoying nature and the fresh air. It doesn't get much better than that!

    x Rachel

  4. My bucket list is: spend more time outside; bike rides with the kids; practice piano more!

  5. What a beautiful baby you have! Actually all of your kids look good. Fall bucket list--consists of relaxing-period end of sentence!

  6. I'm stepping back this fall as well! I have my calendar filled and ready for some rest!

  7. I love your simple list. Mine are often far too adventurous that none of them are actually ever accomplished! I'd just like to get to a pumpkin patch with my little family and maybe go pick fresh apples at an orchard! Otherwise, just enjoy the changing leaves. :)

  8. I love your pictures and your list. My bucket list is only about cleaning a preparing for winter. Thanks for sharing.


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