Shamrock Suncatcher Craft for Preschoolers {St. Patrick's Day}

St. Patrick's Day is one of my favorite holidays because, after all, it is my birthday and I'm Irish.  When I was in the classroom, I was always in cahoots with the leprechauns to make St. Patty's Day special.  Now that I'm at home with my preschooler, I thought I'd try a fun craft before the big day to add some cheer to what has been a gloomy and seemingly never-ending winter.

How to Make Shamrock Suncatchers

Materials Needed:

Wax Paper 
Old green Crayons
Crayon Sharpener
Shamrock Template
Old Cookie Sheet (can be lined with foil if you want to reuse it)
Sharpie or marker

Step One:

Fold wax paper in half (size depends on your cookie sheet).  Sharpen your green crayons and allow the shavings to go on one side of the wax paper.  

Step 2:

Fold over the wax paper so that the shavings are trapped inside.  You can fold a seam along the outer edges in case any crayons ooze out when baking.  Place on your cookie sheet.

Step 3:

Put your cookie sheet in the oven at about 200 Degrees F for just a few minutes.  You'll want to turn on your oven light and watch the crayons as they melt (fun for your preschooler too!).

Step 4:

Wait for the wax paper to cool off and then remove from the cookie sheet.  Use the shamrock template you cut out and trace the shamrock onto the wax paper.  (depending on the size of the paper, you will get 3-4 shamrocks each batch).

Step 5:

You can hole punch your shamrock to hang with ribbon or yarn.  Or you can simply take some clear tape and fold it over to stick the shamrock to your window.

These Shamrock Suncatchers are lots of fun to make and display with your little Leprechaun!
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