Surprise! Guess Who's Gonna Be a Big Sister? {Not so Wordless Wednesday}


You may have noticed that it's been a bit quiet for a little while here on the blog.  That's because we're excited to announce that I'm pregnant!    (13 weeks & counting!)

The Attic Baby is going to be a big sister & is so excited!  The Attic Teen is hoping for a little brother.  And I am just hoping that this all day constant nausea will start easing up soon and that this little rainbow baby will be healthy.  (I've been a bit nervous after our miscarriage, but things have been going really well so far)  We appreciate your good thoughts and prayers for this new family member!

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6 comments on "Surprise! Guess Who's Gonna Be a Big Sister? {Not so Wordless Wednesday}"
  1. Wow, Congrats to all of you, that is awesome news. Hope the sickness subsides real soon for you.

  2. Aw congratulations! And love her little tray, she's a cutie!

  3. Congratulations! Hope the nausea ends soon and you are feeling better.

  4. Thanks so much everyone! I am hoping that this all day morning sickness gets better soon too. With the Attic Baby, I think it lasted about the first 4 months.

  5. Aw, many congratulations on the impending arrival! Big sister looks suitably impressed :)


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