Potty Training With a Little Help from Turbo @fheinsiders #TurboFastFun #sponsored

I received a Turbo Chore Kit as a Fox Insider.  All opinions are my own.

We've been attempting potty training for months with The Attic Baby in the hopes that she would catch on quickly.  However, it's been a slower process than I thought it would be.  My son was a little over 3 when he decided for himself that he wanted to be like his cousins and wear "big boy" underwear.  It only took a weekend before he was wearing underwear and no diapers.

I was told that girls were faster and "easier" to train than boys.  But so far, she has been more like her brother; not wanting to do it.   We've looked at books, potty videos, bought "big girl" underwear that she chose herself, and even a potty doll with her own potty.  She even did #1 on the potty (after sitting for a while with lots of drinking) and I thought that we were heading somewhere.  But then she just didn't want to try anymore.

I know all kids are different and are ready when they're ready, but I don't think a little encouragement hurts.   So now and then I try to find new ways to get her excited about the potty.

Recently, we were sent a Chore Kit to help our family set and achieve our goals just like Turbo in the recent movie release.   I thought this would be a great way to hopefully motivate little miss with her potty training.

I set some simple goals for her:

Turbo, Fox Home Entertainment

We placed the chart on the fridge, talked about using the potty and her goals, and took turns wearing the light-up Turbo headband.  

She has been sick for nearly the last two weeks, so we haven't gotten a lot of stickers on her chart yet.  But she was really excited about wearing her light-up Turbo headband and playing with little Turbo while watching the movie.  

And just recently, she wanted to sit on the potty.   So we put a sticker on her chart, did a big potty cheer, high-fived, and wore the Turbo headband.  She loved it and was very proud of herself!

Fox Home ENtertainment

I am hopeful that she will continue to want to try to use the potty and accomplish her goals.  It's all about timing & encouragement, and I am happy that we are back on the path to trying again.

How have you helped your child achieve their potty training goals? 
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