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Welcome to The Attic Girl's 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!  
I am excited to show you some of the most unique and creative must-have gift ideas this holiday season for your family. 
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Holiday Gifts
It all starts with the dolls. Right now, there are six Hearts For Hearts Girls dolls: Lilian (Belarus), Rahel (Ethiopia), Nahji (India), Tipi (Laos), Consuelo (Mexico), and Dell (United States). Each of them has an important story to tell about life in her country, inspired by real girls who are strong, smart, courageous, and determined to rise above challenging circumstances.

Holiday Gifts

When you buy a doll, Hearts For Hearts Girls donates part of the purchase price through their charitable partner, World Vision, to programs that support girls in that country. Whether it’s malaria nets in Africa, schoolbooks in Asia, or food supplies in the US, these programs help girls to thrive and succeed.
6 and upHearts for Hearts Girls Site$24.99http://www.atticgirl.com/2013/11/hearts-for-hearts-girls-dolls-2013.html
matching doll clothes, doll and me clothing, holiday gifts

The world of Dollie & Me is as BIG as your imagination! As COLORFUL as you are creative! As EXCITING as you are adventurous! As INTRIGUING as you are curious!
Open your eyes, your mind, and your heart, and a world of POSSIBILITIES opens
up like a flower.

Matching Fashions + Doll Clothes for YOU + your 18 inch Doll!

2 and up 

Dollie & Me SiteRanges $25+http://www.atticgirl.com/2013/11/dollie-me-matching-sleepwear-2013.html--------
Holiday Gifts
They're musicians, they're dolls, they're role models for a new generation of empowered young girls. Sure, they're adorable with great clothes and fabulous hair, but there's so much more to them than that!

The Beatrix Girls are an accomplished pop band with real music that girls are sure to adore. Each member of the band sings, plays a different instrument and even writes the songs.
Holiday Gifts
4-6The Beatrix Girls Site $24.99http://www.atticgirl.com/2013/09/introducing-beatrix-girls-coming-1014.html

holiday gifts
Cuddle Barn is a leading designer and manufacturer of animated plush creations with over 30 yrs of experience. Their collection features high quality materials, cutting edge animation and entertaining new sounds.

Their adorable Grandma Cookie teddie shares her favorite Gingerbread recipe.  She is sure to warm up the holidays while helping you bake cookies!

Grandma Cookie, holiday gifts

Batteries Included.
3 and upCuddleBarn Site$29.99http://www.atticgirl.com/2013/12/cuddlebarns-grandma-cookie-2013-holiday.htmlhttp://www.atticgirl.com/2013/12/cuddlebarns-grandma-cookie-2013-holiday.html
stuffed animals, holiday gifts 

Build-A-Bear Workshop®'s mission is to bring the Teddy Bear to life. An American icon, the Teddy Bear brings to mind warm thoughts about our childhood, about friendship, about trust and comfort, and love.
stuffed animals, Build-a-Bear Workshop
3 and upBuild-a-Bear Site and in StoresVarieshttp://www.atticgirl.com/2013/11/build-bear-holiday-characters-gc.htmlhttp://www.atticgirl.com/2013/11/build-bear-holiday-characters-gc.html
preschool toys, holiday gifts 
Little Tikes is known for its playful, engaging, iconic products that children love and parents respect the world over. 

The Little Tikes pretend Cupcake Kitchen is just the right size for any bedroom, play room or family room. Working doors and plenty of accessories provide hours of fun. Large enough for multiple kids to play together.

holiday gifts

2-5 yearsLittle Tikes Website$39.99http://www.atticgirl.com/2013/11/little-tikes-cupcake-kitchen-2013.htmlhttp://www.atticgirl.com/2013/11/little-tikes-cupcake-kitchen-2013.html
holiday gift guideHEXBUG Micro Robotic Creatures include a variety of autonomous and remote-controlled robotic bugs that are adored by kids and adults alike. Each has its own unique skills and characteristics.

Introducing an all new breed of gravity defying HEXBUG Nanos. These Nano V2 bugs can now climb up vertically, horizontally, around corners, through loops and tubes, to the tip top of any Nano V2 habitat set.

The HEXBUG Nano V2 Sky Max features an evolved Nano, sporting a new look, with three rubber spines on its back, as well as a new system of tubular tracks that highlight the Nano V2's unique multi-level climbing abilities.


3 and upHexbug Website
or Amazon
Hasbro games

Get your Bop It! on with a Tetris twist! 
This electronic game unit challenges you to
complete puzzles, but you have to slide, spin 
or slam to get the shapes to fall where you want 
them to. Can you turn the screen at the right time
 to line up a shape with an open space? Can you 
press the slam handle at the right moment to force
 a shape into a target screen? You can play 
Marathon or Pass It to practice by yourself or
 take on your friends! 

Hasbro games

Do you have the Bop It! skills to take on Bop It! Tetris? There's only one way to find out!
8 and UpIn Stores or Amazon$24.99http://www.atticgirl.com/2013/11/bop-it-tetris-2013-holiday-gift-guide.htmlhttp://www.atticgirl.com/2013/11/bop-it-tetris-2013-holiday-gift-guide.html


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Tricia Goyer, Holiday Gift Ideas

Rose turned her back on the man she loves after he assisted the Englisch during World War II---only to discover she's an Englischer herself. Born in the midst of the hardships of The Great Depression, Rose grew up in Berlin, Ohio, in the arms of a loving Amish family.

But she is overwhelmed by self-doubt when she learns that she was born Englisch and abandoned when her family moved West in search of work. Was she meant to be Amish or would she have been better off growing up with her own kind---Englischers? When the man she loves leaves her behind, Rose is certain he left for good. Yet Rose discovers sometimes our greatest gifts are the ones we fear.





 Product Info.
Where to Buy:Cost:My Review/Info:Enter to Win!

holiday gifts, holiday movies
Released Oct 29th
In the latest installment of the Home Alone franchise, Finn Baxter and his family move from California to Maine to their new house. Finn is terrified and believes the house is haunted. While he sets up traps to catch the "ghost", his parents get stranded across town and Finn is home alone with his sister. Their house is targeted by 3 thieves.

Fox Connect Site $12.99http://www.atticgirl.com/2013/10/home-alone-holiday-heist-fheinsiders-ad.htmlhttp://www.atticgirl.com/2013/11/home-alone-holiday-heist-fheinsiders-ad.html
DreamWorks, holiday gifts
Releasing Nov. 12
From the creators of Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda comes a hilarious "fun-fueled family adventure" (Bill Bregoli, CBS Radio News) that proves no dream is too big...and no dreamer too small. When an ordinary snail named Turbo acquires the power of super-speed, his life kicks into overdrive! With the help of a struggling taco stand owner and a streetwise snail crew, Turbo will attempt to race in the Indy 500 and make all their dreams come true.
Fox Connect Site$25.99http://www.atticgirl.com/2013/11/turbo-coming-to-dvd-blu-ray-nov-12th.htmlhttp://www.atticgirl.com/2013/11/turbo-activity-pages-giveaway.html
Fox Home Entertainment, holiday gifts

Releasing Dec 17th
The magical, mythical adventures of teenager Percy Jackson — son of the Greek god Poseidon — continue in this heroic, action-packed thrill ride!  Out to prove he’s not just a “one-quest wonder,” Percy and his demigod friends embark on an epic, cross-country journey into the treacherous Sea of Monsters, where they battle terrifying creatures, an army of zombies, and the ultimate evil. With time running out, Percy must find and bring home the fabled Golden Fleece, which has the power to save his world...and save us all!

Fox Connect Site$25.99http://www.atticgirl.com/2013/12/percy-jackson-sea-of-monsters-2013.htmlhttp://www.atticgirl.com/2013/12/percy-jackson-sea-of-monsters-blu-ray.html
Hallmark Channel movies, Janette Oke

Releasing Nov. 19th 
 When Calls the Heart, directed by Michael Landon Jr. and based on the best-selling books by Janette Oke, tells the story of a young high society teacher receiving her first classroom post in a prairie town in the Western Frontier.  

Determined to prove to her family that she is brave enough to live on her own, Elizabeth (Poppy Drayton) struggles with her own fears and doubts until she discovers her late Aunt's diary.  Her aunt (Maggie Grace), also named Elizabeth, had set off on a similar adventure as a teacher into the frontier, where she struggled with prairie life and eventually met and fell in love with a Royal Canadian Mountie (Stephen Amell).  

Reading her aunt’s words, the young Elizabeth decides to put her future in God’s hands and embark on her own adventure where she uses the diary as her guide as well as Edward, another Mountie (Daniel Sharman), sworn to see her arrive.

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