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Disclosure: As a US Family Guide blogger,  I received Zaycon food products in exchange for an honest review.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.  

Update of Post:  As of June 25, 2018, Zaycon Fresh has suspended all operations.  All affiliate links have been removed.  Please contact them if you have any unfulfilled orders.

Bulk Foods

You may remember my mentioning a company called Zaycon Foods which sells bulk food items in a unique way:  out of a truck in a parking lot near you.  

This was my first experience ordering with Zaycon, and I have to say it was incredibly easy and I am a very happy customer!

Simple Process:  Order, Pick-Up, & Prep

I created an account and placed my order on their website for a local event (you need to order quickly because these events sell out fast!).  I was even sent a reminder email before the time I was to pick up my chicken, which was definitely helpful (busy moms sometimes need those extra reminders).

My hubby brought our printed receipt to the designated pick-up area.  It was very simple; pull up in your car, hand them your receipt, and they put your order in your trunk for you.  There wasn't even a line and it took only a few minutes.

fresh natural chicken breasts, bulk shopping

My order of 40 lbs of fresh, boneless, skinless all-natural chicken breast came in 4 ten pound bags.  They were well sealed and did not leak into the box, despite having a lot of liquid at the bottom.  

When my hubby brought it home, we prepared freezer bags of 1-2 breasts per bag.   We saved some for the next night's dinner and the rest we put in the freezer drawer to take out as needed.   (If you like already prepared freezer meals, you can research recipe ideas on Pinterest)

The Result:  Delicious

I was really impressed with the size and the look of the chicken breast we received.    

bulk shopping, chicken recipes, slow cooker recipes

Here are a couple of examples of easy meals that we prepared with our chicken.

Apple Bourbon BBQ Chicken:

I found Campbell's slow cooker Apple Bourbon BBQ sauce which says on the package to add pork, but I thought it sounded yummy for chicken too.  I simply put 3 chicken breasts in my slow cooker, added the sauce, and let it cook on High all day for about 7 hours.

Zaycon Foods, slow cooker recipes

I added some veggies and noodles as sides.  The flavor of the apples, peppers, and sweet bourbon BBQ sauce was so delicious that my son gobbled up his meal and asked for seconds!

Shredded Chicken With Noodles:

My hubby came up with the idea to shred up some chicken breast (after being in the slow cooker it is very tender and easy to shred) and add some egg noodles to soak in the same Campbell's slow cooker sauce.  It made a yummy dish (I would add peas but the guys in my house didn't like that idea).

chicken recipes, slow cooker recipes

If you're looking for more slow cooker recipes, visit my Pinterest page.


1. Where does Zaycon chicken come from?

They purchase chicken from the highest quality farms and processors in the country. Chicken typically originates from processing facilities in southern and midwest states

2.  What quality is the chicken?  Is it organic?

Their chicken is 100% natural chicken with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients.  However, it is not organic.

3.  What size packages can I buy?

They only sell chicken breasts by the case. Each cardboard case weighs 40 lbs and includes four separate bags of chicken breasts, which are NOT always sealed and NOT uniform in weight.  The larger outer bag is sealed in the cardboard case.


Buying in bulk is a great savings.  If you're a smaller sized family, you can always split up a case between friends or family members and share the cost.

What else does Zaycon Foods offer?

buy in bulk, meat, fresh produce, natural foods

Zaycon has a good selection and offers great pricing for families who like to buy in bulk!  


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