Toddler / Preschooler Nail Care Tips with the Nuby Nail Care Set #sponsored

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Let's face it.  Taking care of your child's nails is important but it can also be a challenge.   The hardest thing is getting your child to be still enough so that you can accomplish trimming them.  Now that little miss is no longer a baby and her favorite word is "NO", it's even more of a challenge.

Here are some Nail Care Tips I've used with my two year old that you might find helpful:

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  • Make nail care a part of the bath routine.  We do a nail check right after bath time when she is more relaxed. Since we do this every bath time, it's easy to keep up with and she knows the routine.
  • Allow your child to be a part of the process.  My two year old daughter likes to hold the emery board while I trim her nails and helps file them smooth afterwards.
  • Make it fun.  Count, sing a song, play "this little piggy" or some other fun rhyme.  Or if you need a distraction, put on your child's favorite cartoon (bribery can sometimes work too).
  • Praise your child for cooperating.  High five, give a hug, and tell him/her that they are a great helper!

Once you've tackled the challenge of getting your child to cooperate, you will need good tools to take care of your child's nails.  

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We use the Nuby Nail Care set that includes:
  • 1 pair of stainless steel scissors
  • 1 pair of nail clippers
  • 4 emery boards 
  • hygenic covers for the scissors and clippers.

The scissors are great for those spots that need to be trimmed but are a bit too close to the skin or for hang nails.  

I love the nail clippers because the shape makes it easy to hold your thumb down and keep your grip as you are cutting.  They work great for both fingernails and my tot's toe nails.  

And the emery boards are a great size for your little one to help too.

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This set comes in a variety of cute colors and designs for boys and girls.  The only thing that would make this set better is a cute little matching bag to put the tools inside (I store mine in a ziplock bag).   

Where to Buy:

The Nuby Nail Care set can be found at BuyBabyDirect for $6.99

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  2. This looks like a nice set. I like the covers on the scissors and the clippers. I never saw that before!


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