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Some of our favorites bath toys have been the Nuby Fish Swoop Play Set, the Tub Time Turtle and Nuby's Floating Bath Animals.

Since my daughter has loved each of these bath toys, I thought that the Octopus Bath Time Toss would quickly become a bath time favorite as well.   After all, he's pretty cute and who doesn't like a good ring toss?

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But I was wrong.

We tried out this cute 6 legged (yes, it is 6 legged instead of 8 which makes the teacher in me cringe) animal in the bath tub and she played with it about five minutes and was pretty much done.

The octopus floats on the water and has 3 little rings that you are supposed to toss on his legs.  The rings are small and it's difficult to throw them just right so they land on the legs.  The Attic Baby got frustrated with it and left the octopus floating in the tub.  And that was that.   She didn't seem to have a lot of interest in him during her next few baths either.

I wanted to give poor little "Octy" another chance.  So I switched things up and brought him outside to our water table along with a few other bath toys.

And guess what?  He became a fun monster that growled and took over the water.  He also talked to the turtle and fish and other friends in a monster voice and babbled some kind of monster language.   My daughter came up with all kinds of imaginative ways to play with him in the water table.

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I'm glad "Octy" has found a place outside as the conqueror of the animal swimming hole.    While he isn't a bath time favorite, he's become a fun addition to water table play and has inspired my daughter's imagination.  It should be interesting to see what he does in the big swimming pool!

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  1. I'm glad Octy is fitting in okay now. =D I'm finding that a lot of the Nuby bath toys (like the stacking cups) are great outside the bath too.


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