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We are preparing for my son heading back to High School next week.  {It's still mind boggling for this mom to believe that I have a kid in High School!  Where does the time go?}   Something I've learned about High School in comparison to Middle School is that the expense is greater.  They need higher tech gadgets to keep up in Math and Science and each class asks for particular supplies.

There is a basic school supply list on the school website, but since each class requires something different, we are waiting to do some of our shopping.  But I have stocked up on pencils, pens, paper, notebooks and folders during sales and used Staples rewards.

Schools have such tight budgets that they don't supply much of anything in the way of basics like paper and pencils.  For many families struggling to pay their bills, the additional expense of school items is stressful.  BGCA and long-time partner Disney have launched an online supply drive to help kids in need.  

BGCA, Disney

By simply playing this pop-quiz style BGCA game, you can donate school supplies to BGCA Clubs.  A donation of supplies is made for every 5 correct answers!  It only takes a few minutes of  your time.  Why not get your kids involved?  They'll have fun and know that they are helping other kids too.


If you're a Middle School/High School parent,  here are some great tips from BGCA to help you support your child's success during the school year:

  1. Ask your child how school was every day and really listen to their answer.
  2. Implement "quiet time" at home when everyone is expected to do homework, read or sit quietly. It sends a message that education is important to you.
  3. Even if you can't help your teen with her homework, support her by creating a space where she can focus.
  4. Ask your child what excites him about going to school. Sports? Clubs? A specific teacher? Friends?
  5. Talk to your child's teacher to learn what it takes to get promoted to the next grade and whether your child is on track.
  6. Ask your teen what kind of careers interest her.
  7. Encourage your teen to write and draw. Get him a journal or notebook where he can be creative.
  8. Learn what it takes to graduate from high school in your teen's district and encourage him to stay on track.
  9. Practice math daily, as part of cooking, grocery shopping, tracking weather, etc. Teaching your teen to read a recipe, measure ingredients and divide portions equally is a great way to learn fractions.
  10. Invite your child to share a special meal or time with you.

BGCA has more great tips for parents on their website including Homework and Time Management tips.  Check out all BGCA has to offer at www.greatfutures.org/backtoschool.

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