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Disclosure:  I received copies of the Superbook series on DVD as part of a promotional program with CBN and MomSelect.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

Did you catch the new Superbook cartoons, Bible series, CBN, CBS, ABC Familycartoon Bible series this month on ABC Family?  I remember this classic 1980's cartoon airing on CBN when my son was younger.  It's a great emmy-nominated animation series that features real Bible heroes and faith lessons. 

Superbook teaches children in every language and culture timeless moral truths and life lessons through the captivating, Bible-based adventures of two time-traveling children and their robot friend. The familiar and the futuristic interact with ancient people, places and events to create a sense of wonder, anticipation, empowerment, and personal breakthrough as the children witness God's interaction with man. Superbook is always an exciting journey, full of discovery - with a transformational outcome.

An Emmy-award winning team of artists and story tellers (whose credits include Mulan, Beauty & the Beast, and The Lion King) updated the animation for a new generation of kids to enjoy.   

I have been previewing the DVD series for The Attic Baby and then allowing her to watch parts of the episodes.  (they recommend parents preview episodes as some material may be more intense for children younger than 7)  

Bible animated series


  • In the Beginning
  • The Test!
  • Jacob and Esau
  • Joseph
  • Let My People Go!
  • The Ten Commandments
  • A Giant Adventure
  • Jonah
  • Roar!
  • The First Christmas
  • Miracles of Jesus
  • The Last Supper
  • He Is Risen!
  • The Road to Damascus

I was really impressed with the quality of the animation in Superbook.  Technology has come along way since the series first appeared.   Gizmo (the robot) is a lot more engaging and the people in general look a lot more real down to the way their mouths move.  

I especially like how Superbook uses examples from the Bible and relates them to challenges that the main characters (Joy, Chris, & Gizmo) are facing at home and at school.

My personal favorites are the ones from the new Testament about Jesus.  

Bible animated series

Some of the scenes are a little too intense for younger children, especially Satan's animation.  He definitely looks devilish including a flaming head.

Also, some of the content might be a bit much for little ones to grasp, such as when Abraham is commanded to sacrifice his son Isaac in The Test.   You'll definitely want to preview the episodes to determine if it's too scary or intense for your child; you can always hit the skip button on your remote to get past those scenes once you know where they are.

The Superbook series is a great way to open up discussion about the Bible with your children and reinforces teaching at home and church in a fun way kids can relate to.  Each DVD comes with a discussion guide just for families.
We received some extra goodies along with the DVD set including a Superbook t-shirt, a double-sided story scene with re-positionable stickers, and trading cards that correspond with each DVD.  Gizmo has become my daughter's favorite character.  She loves to wear her "Gizmo shirt" while watching and playing with her stickers.

I love that quality Christian programming like this is available for my child as she grows and learns more about the Bible.   This is definitely a series I know we'll be watching over and over again.

Where to Find:
You can preview trailers of the episodes, download episode guides and find out more info. at http://www.cbn.com/superbook.

Free Superbook Kids Bible App

Download your free Superbook Kids Bible App for iPhone and Android.  Bring the Bible to life with videos and images from the Superbook animation series as well as interactive games

Bible animated series

Just for Kids: Superbook Kids Club

Kids under 13 can join the Kids Club and play online games and activities as well as earn superpoints toward contests for great prizes!   Find out more at http://us-en.superbook.cbn.com/
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