MacLarry and the Stinky Cheese Battle {Summer Family Movie Night} #sponsored

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I have been a VeggieTales fan ever since my teenager was little.  I have probably logged in a few hundred hours of VeggieTales viewing over the years as a parent and in my classroom as a teacher.  I love their silly and catchy songs, humorous antics, great life messages and spiritual lessons!  {I mean really, how can you not be amused by singing and dancing tomatoes and cucumbers?} And now I get to enjoy them all over again with my daughter and turn her into a Veggie Tales lover too.

We had a Summer Family Movie Night just me and the little lass the other evening.  

The movie of choice:  MacLarry and the Stinky Cheese Battle now on DVD {July 30th}.

Veggie Tales

The Attic Baby's favorite veggie is Bob, so we invited him along to watch.  

MacLarry & The Stinky Cheese Battle boils down to two feuding groups of people, Barber-Barians and Romans who play pranks on each other like giving bad haircuts.  MacLarry is trying to be like other Barber-Barians, but he's different and he doesn't want to disappoint his dad Chognorious{the leader of the Scottish clan}.  He finds himself caught up in the messy cheese battle and well, you'll see what happens.  

I couldn't help but crack up through most of the movie!  Some of the jokes may be a little above wee ones' heads, but they are always family-friendly and involve fun word play.  The Attic Baby's favorite part was the music and great songs!

And best of all, there's a great moral to the story:  each person is special and it's okay to be who God made you to be.  It also has great themes of how to get along with others and father-son relationships.

Fun MacLarry Activities

To go along with our Summer Family Movie Night, we downloaded free coloring pages and activities like "Build a Beard for Chog".     All you need are crayons, some glue, and a few cotton balls.  {You could also cut out Chog and glue him to a popsicle stick to make a puppet if you have them on hand}

Veggie Tales, family summer movie night

There are other great activities to download like making Stinky Cheese Water Balls and munchies such as Stinky Cheese Rollups and Chog's Cheesy Snacks.  We may try those next time as I'm sure we'll be watching this video {over and over} again!

Where to Buy:  

You can pick up your copy of MacLarry and The Stinky Cheese Battle on DVD on Amazon.

5 comments on "MacLarry and the Stinky Cheese Battle {Summer Family Movie Night} #sponsored"
  1. Oh we love Veggie Tales in our house! What cute pics!

  2. I used to babysit a couple of kids who loved Veggie Tales - I even got quite involved myself they are definitely different :) x

  3. OH how cute! We LOVE Veggie Tales!

  4. What a cute movie! Veggie Tales always have such adorable stories.

  5. I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of Veggies tales! We love them like crazy! I am so excited to hear there is a new DVD out! We have to get it added to our collection.


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