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Court Yard Hounds, country music

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Do you remember the special sound of the Dixie Chicks?  I sure do and I was sad when they stopped making music together.  Much to my delight, I found out that the sisters, Martie Maguire and Emily Robinson, created the Court Yard Hounds.  They have a sound and style all their own with a similar flavor!

Their second album, Amelita, contains a different perspective than their debut in 2010 and defines who they are as artists and as a band.  Their songs are personal, confident and hopeful.  I love how they draw upon their experiences as women and how they add a bit of sass to their lyrics.


"I love this band...the way we explore new aspects of ourselves and what we can expect from each other, both musically and as people," says Martie. "We are close. Plus, being on the road and being in the studio is like my spa from the everyday challenges of just being a mom. 

Amelita Track Listing:
  1. Sunshine
  2. Amelita
  3. The World Smiles
  4. Aimless Upward
  5. Guy Like You
  6. Rock All Night
  7. Phoebe
  8. Divided
  9. Gets You Down
  10. Watch Your Step
  11. The Road You Take

My favorite track is "Sunshine."  I think we all know one of those people (or have even been that person at one time or another) who is a "Debbie downer".

Amelita, country music
"Hey, don't rain on my parade and kill a perfect day, wasting my time
Hey, you always find a way to bring me down when I feel fine
We call you sunshine."

My other favorite is "The World Smiles."  I love the blue grass sound and uplifting message.   

Not only are the tunes catchy, but the lyrics are relatable both as a woman and as a mom.  Amelita has definitely solidified my love of country, a little twang and pop all in one great package.

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