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Brock Eastman
About the Book:

The Quest for Truth Series Book 2:  Risk

As Oliver leads his siblings on their search for their parents, they are taken to a remote planet called Evad. Here they must evade the swarming Ubel soldiers, out run stalking black creatures, and stay free of snaking vines, all while trying to unlock the Truth and find clues to set their parents free. In the second installment of The

Quest for Truth series, Risk, the kids will face greater dangers and more complex puzzles. They’ll meet new people, and have to decide to trust them or not. Will the kids rescue their parents or be captured themselves?

Author, Focus on the Family
Author Bio:

Brock D. Eastman is twenty-eight years old and lives at the base of America’s Mountain with his wife and two daughters. He has the pleasure of working for Focus on the Family and on the Adventures in Odyssey brand. He loves movie nights with his wife and their stove-popped popcorn, as well as playing pretend or reading with his daughters.

Brock started writing his first series, The Quest for Truth, in 2005 and five years later with his wife’s encouragement signed a publishing deal. He has since published Sages of Darkness and a book in The Imagination Station series. He’s always thinking of his next story and totes a thumb drive full of ideas.

My Son's Review:

Book 1, The Quest for Truth, introduced me to a fun new world in science fiction.  The second book, Risk, begins with Austin, Mason, Tiffany, and Oliver going to the planet Evad to try to find their parents and also discover what is on Evad.  When they arrive, they start exploring and find a temple ruins.  They find out some odd things there.  For example, one of the only ways to open the doors is to touch these pillars shaped like "upside down snowmen."  These odd things draw you into the story and keep you hooked.

They split up after a bit to spread out to find anything that could help them locate their parents.  They are also searching for why Evad was in their parents' Diary.  Tiffany and Mason find a library that holds some answers about where they are.  All is fine until Austin and Tiffany find a telescope and spy the Ubel coming.  

I liked how the author put the majority of the setting in the ruins.  It kept the story interesting and the reader wondering what would happen next.  I also liked how he brought back Obbin to help Austin and Mason again.  Sometimes a sequel to a series can be a bit of a let down, but this one wasn't.  I loved the adventure and trying to figure out each of the puzzles.  It made me want to read more; I can't wait for Unleash to release!

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  1. That sounds awesome! My son would totally love that book. Thanks for your review!


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