March Highlights: Our Green Themed Activities

March was a pretty busy month for us, especially the last few weeks.  We celebrated my birthday and my turning {cough} older,  had some family fun at the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey circus, and celebrated Easter with a trip to the Maryland Zoo.

In between all the busy-ness, I forgot to post about our St. Patrick's Day activities.  So why not post on April Fool's Day?  {Can you believe it's April already?}

We worked on our theme of the month {GREEN} over the course of a few days.   I found some fun picture books on colors to read with her:

The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle (green caterpillar)
My Very First Book of Colors by Eric Carle
Junior's Colors (Veggie Tales)

I also made some homemade green playdough using this recipe from Musings of a SAHM.  The recipe is a snap to make!

I used shape cutters from my son's old playdough kit to identify shapes.  We identified diamond, star, circle, and what The Attic Baby calls "Mickey Mouse" but is more like a 3 leaf clover.   We also identified some animals like a penguin, a seahorse, and a shark.  She loved smashing the shapes back into big mound of playdough afterwards.

St. Patrick's Day, preschool themes, colors, shapes

What would a green celebration be without some green food?   She enjoyed green Macaroni and Cheese which my hubby refers to as "Mac and Sneeze" followed by a small mini-cupcake with green icing and shamrock sprinkles.   We also had green jello, green pudding, and some pear-flavored green applesauce.

Our last activity was water color painting.  We used finger paint paper, a brush, a cup of water, and some water color paints from Crayola.  I helped her dip her paintbrush into the water and then the green paint.  She enjoyed mixing it with some other colors too. 

I think The Attic Baby really enjoyed these activities.  They can easily be adapted for other colors too.  We'll be working on spring themes this month and hopefully doing a lot of outdoor activities as the weather gets warmer.

What fun activities have you been doing with your kids lately?

6 comments on "March Highlights: Our Green Themed Activities "
  1. How cute! You are so original. I love it! Great activities!

  2. I love the green playdoh, my kids would enjoy that. I'll have to do it with them. Looks like great memories were made, which is so fun! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Our kids have been super busy in school with upcoming tests, so we haven't done a lot of crafty things lately. Just baking on the weekends. But it is spring break now and I have lots planned.

  4. Mac and Sneeze, LOL!! How much fun :)

  5. Wow! Sounds like a super busy couple of weeks! I love these ideas! They are so creative, and it looks like they had fun too!

  6. Looks like everyone is having fun getting creative. Thanks for sharing your ideas.


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