Toddler Independence: Nuby Easy-Grip Starter Set

My daughter has become a lot more independent now that she's turned two.  She often wants to do things by herself including getting dressed, bathing, and eating.     I try to encourage this independence as much as possible. 

One of the tricky aspects of self-feeding can be those fine motor skills of using a spoon and a fork.  This comes with practice, but it's also important to have good tools.  Not all spoons and forks for toddlers are designed the same way.  The angle of them makes all the difference in allowing your toddler to be successful with independent eating.

toddler feeding

We have been using the Nuby Easy-Grip Fork and Spoon starter set for many months.   I have seen a huge improvement in how The Attic Baby is able to scoop smaller food items and get them from the fork or spoon to her mouth instead of on the floor or table. 

toddler feeding

I love the design of this spoon and fork set.  There is a curve from the handle down to the fork and spoon that helps your toddler get a proper grip for scooping.  The curve of the base also helps food stay on rather than falling off as your child swings their arm to their mouth. 

toddler feeding

We've used other forks and spoons with flat handles that were more challenging and at times frustrating to her.  The easy-grip design has been the easiest for The Attic Baby to manipulate by far.   

The Nuby Easy-Grip Fork and Spoon Starter set (pack of 4) can be found at BuyBabyDirect.com for $3.99.

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4 comments on "Toddler Independence: Nuby Easy-Grip Starter Set"
  1. Wish I had that bowl for my son! Love it. Thanks for sharing

  2. Love the bowl, I wish I had these when my children were small.. Thank you for sharing..

  3. These are so cool and colorful!! We are past this stage...but two of my friends are expecting, these would come in handy for them down the road. Thanks :)

    From PDX with Love

  4. We started my daughter eating on these too, I love them and so does she. She is now 4 and still likes to use them to eat her yogurt!


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