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Disclosure:  I received these flowers for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.  For more info. see my Disclosure Policy.

Spring is here.  Well, sort of.  The weather around Maryland has been very strange.  We've fluctuated from nice and sunny in the 50's to cold and cloudy in the 40's.  There have even been predictions of snow at various times.   We got about 3-4 inches the other day!

While spring is unpredictable and a bit gloomy, I thought it'd be nice to have some cheerful flowers to brighten up the house and give us a little taste of spring.  

Recently, hubby picked out a Birthday Pop bouquet from ProFlowers for me for my birthday.

Photo Credit:  ProFlowers website

ProFlowers has a 7 day freshness guarantee on every order and are hand picked and sent directly.  We have never ordered from ProFlowers before so we weren't sure what to expect.   

The flowers arrived on my doorstep mid-afternoon on the day hubby selected for delivery.  (I asked him to choose a week day delivery as weekends and special time requests have an additional fee.)  You will probably need to select a day when you will be home and can get them right off your porch so they won't be subjected to weather.

They arrived in great condition, carefully wrapped in plastic with their stems in a wet/green base.  The round vase was not cracked or chipped and was protected by packing bubbles.  

flowers, spring, gifts

I was surprised that the flowers arrive in bud form and were not yet in bloom.  The instructions said to cut the stems, put in the special plant food in room temperature water, and repeat the process again in 3 days.  

ProFlowers, spring, Easter gifts

I followed all of the instructions.  It took several days for these flowers to bloom; the purple flowers bloomed pretty quickly but the roses did not open as fast.  Unfortunately, half the roses in the first bouquet did not bloom within the 7 day period.  This was pretty disappointing for a $34.99 bouquet (not including the $9.99 for the vase and the shipping cost).

Birthday Pop Bouquet after 3 days

Customer service was easy to deal with over the phone.  The rep was very understanding and sent me another bouquet quickly.  So I tried the process over again.

The second bouquet was more successful than the first.  Most of the flowers bloomed after three days.  When I changed the water and added the plant food on the third day, many of the roses were open.  

The orange roses, however, never fully opened like the pink ones did.  

ProFlowers, spring, easter gifts

While their customer service is great, I didn't have the best experience with my flowers.   As you can see, they didn't resemble the beautiful bouquet in the website photo.

Maybe others have had more success than I had with the Birthday Pop bouquet.  I don't know.  If you're looking for a bouquet that is in bloom on the day that you receive them, then this might not be for you.  I can't say that this process has made me a fan.  I prefer my flowers to be pretty and in bloom right when I get them.

Have you had a similar experience with flowers?  Where do you usually purchase bouquets for friends or family?
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  1. I really prefer to buy flowers I can pick out myself. I do like your second bouquet that you received and it's good that they replaces them for you.


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