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Mommy Look What I Did (Wordless Wednesday}

This is what happens with a 2 year old when you leave the room for just a second

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12 comments on "Mommy Look What I Did (Wordless Wednesday}"
  1. I know the feeling, lol. I have a TP bandit of my own:


  2. (Sigh) My kids do this all the time. Toilet Paper rolls are never safe in my house.

  3. LOL! I guess its good that it wasn't in the toilet :)

  4. Yep! I have a lil toilet roll unravel-er in my home too!

  5. That happens all the time here. The worst is when my son empties the whole toilet paper roll into the toilet and plugs it up.

  6. My guy does the paper towels all over the house.

  7. Awe I wish my son would have only made that little of a mess, I could leave him for 30 seconds and my walls would be covered in creams and such.

  8. My boys are champions at this! The best is when the mess is huge and they are SO PROUD... and by "best" I mean not so much. #SitsShareFest

  9. We just potty-trained my 3-year-old and he did great, but it took about 2 weeks to convince him he didn't have to use the ENTIRE roll of toilet paper to clean himself up. Totally there with you!


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