Valentine's Day Crafts for Toddlers

The Attic Baby and I are working on a theme this month to go along with Valentine's Day.  We are learning about the color red, reading stories about love and family, and completing coloring and craft activities.  I searched on Pinterest for toddler friendly Valentine's Day crafts and shared them with my friend.  She suggested we have a craft play date, so we got the munchkins together and got our crafty hats on.

I brought along some pre-cut construction paper Valentine hearts to make cards.  (with toddlers, as much prep work before-hand, the better) 

The first project was a Simple Yarn Valentine from Toddler Approved.  We squirted little blobs of glue onto the heart and let the kiddos put the yarn on wherever they wanted (I cut the yarn since they aren't quite able to handle scissors yet).   Little miss first threw a big clump onto her card, but I showed her how to spread them out and stick them down in the glue.  She enjoyed it, despite the glue drying on her hands.

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For the second card, we used peel n' stick foam hearts from the craft store.   These were easy breezy and lots of fun!

Valentine's Day

I had my heart set on making a Hand print card for her daddy.  It was a little easier said than done.  We tried to get a perfect set of hand prints, but as soon as her hands went on the paper, she smeared them around.  

Valentine's Day crafts

It took about 3 or 4 tries to get a set of hand prints.  (Little buddy decided to paint his with a paintbrush) After chasing around pink handed monsters, we were ready to finish painting time.

Valentine's Day crafts

Next, we modified this Love Bug craft (again from Toddler Approved).  I didn't have any modeling magic, so I thought I'd try these toilet paper tubes that I had saved.   I covered the tube with construction paper and taped down the sides.  Then I twisted pink and red pipe cleaners for the antennae.  My friend came up with the idea of poking a hole in the tube for the legs; it was a little tricky taping down the pipe cleaners inside to keep them from falling out.    Then we used a peel n' stick heart for the face and marker for the eyes and mouth.

This turned out to be more of a mom craft than a toddler craft, but the finished product was pretty cute.  (You can see little buddy's cheese puff hands picking up the love bug)   It was difficult to get a good picture of these little critters; they wanted to pick 'em up and play with them.

Valentine's Day crafts

We had a great time making these and they were both proud of their projects.    

What are your favorite Valentine's Day crafts to do with toddlers?
10 comments on "Valentine's Day Crafts for Toddlers "
  1. Those are so very adorable! I love them! My kids did cut out hearts which they decorated with stickers and drawings.

  2. SO sweet! We did a few valentine's crafts at our preschool group this week including a valentines day card holder made out of plate with a half moon plate stapled on top. Kinda cute.

  3. Aww those are just too cute..that includes the kidlets :) My grandkids would love to do this with me..thanks for sharing! Will share with others:)

  4. So cute!! This just reminded me that I should go buy some craft supplies! Love the love bugs!

    From PDX with Love

  5. How creative and cute! Those came out so adorable!

  6. What a totally cute idea! I love it!! I bet the kids had the best time!

  7. You are such a fun Mom! I love the craft ideas...super cute! :)

  8. So cute! I'm pinning this to do with my niece next year.

  9. Cute!
    I didn't attempt any Valentine's crafts with my toddlers. You are brave!

    Love these ideas.

    Visiting from SITS.



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