Top 10 Jane Austen Love Quotes


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In honor of Valentine's Day, I've compiled some of my favorite quotes about love from beloved author of matters of the heart:  Jane Austen.    I hope you enjoy these insights as you celebrate love today.

"There are as many forms of love as there are moments in time."


"Next to being married, a girl likes to be crossed in love a little now and then.  It is something to think of."

"No man is offended by another man's admiration of the woman he loves, it is the woman only who can make it a torment."

"A lady's imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment."  Pride and Prejudice

"The more I know of the world, the more I am convinced that I shall never see a man whom I can really love.  I require so much!"    Sense and Sensibility

"Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love."  Northanger Abbey

"The course of true love never did run smooth."  Emma

"...there are very few of us who have heart enough to be really in love without encouragement."  Pride and Prejudice

"There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature.”  Northanger Abbey

"We are all fools in love."  Pride and Prejudice

What's your favorite Jane Austen quote about love?

4 comments on "Top 10 Jane Austen Love Quotes"
  1. Beautiful quotes! I love Jane Austen, especially Northanger Abbey.

  2. Love all of these! thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks so much for posting these! I will bookmark and come back to this! It's nice having a little love inspiration! :)

  4. Thanks for posting this! It's nice to get a little love inspiration! :)


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