Gifts for Your Sweetheart & Your Sweet Tooth

We always look forward to birthdays at our house.  They are a chance to celebrate milestones with family and friends.  And another excuse to eat delicious treats.  Because really, what would a birthday be without a yummy indulgement?

My hubby is celebrating a birthday this month and sometimes he can be tough to buy for.  He's not hard to please; he's exactly the opposite.  He will tell me he doesn't need anything and I am left hunting for birthday gift ideas.

Shari's berries was right up my alley.  They have a great selection of delicious treats to choose from for every occasion, from cookies and cupcakes to dipped strawberries.  Neither my hubby nor I have ordered anything from this company, but we had heard great things about them and I was excited to pick out something to surprise my sweetheart!

{I will warn you now that you will end up hungry and possibly drooling after reading this post.} 

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 I chose this combination of 4 Caramel Pretzels and a Full Dozen Hand-Dipped Medley Berries.  Milk Chocolate, White chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel....this one has it all.   It combines my hubby's love for fruit, pretzels, and chocolate.  I figured I couldn't go wrong.

The ordering process is easy peasy.    You can choose the date you want your order shipped, which is a good thing, because you want to be home to get this box off your porch as soon as possible to refrigerate.  You will have to pay a bit extra in shipping if you want a morning delivery (I opted not to).

The box arrived in mid-afternoon on my doorstep.  I'm glad I was paying attention because I didn't hear a knock at the door.

There was some padding in the top of the box and an ice pack.  The instructions on the outside of the box are pretty humorous.  I most definitely would have listened if this had been for me.  But instead, I opened it up, took some photos, and put it in the fridge like a good wife.

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 The box included a gift card, an ingredient list, and some discounts toward my next order.  I was a little disappointed that the pretzels arrived with half of them broken, but it wasn't a big enough deal for me to complain.  The strawberries were absolutely perfect: no melting, no broken chocolate coating.  

gifts, birthdays

These hand-dipped strawberries were very fresh and juicy.  The chocolate was just right; not too rich and the right amount covering the berry.  My hubby devoured about half of them when they arrived.  (I helped him out by trying one and it was nummy!) He finished the box the next day.  I would suggest planning on eating them the day they arrive while they are at their freshest.  A couple of the berries weren't as fresh the day after.  

Shari's Berries, gifts

{Don't they look delicious?} 

gifts, strawberries

Hubby said the pretzels were quite good.  Because they are dipped in chocolate and caramel, the insides are not super crisp.  But he likes a softer pretzel so he was happy.  I am not a big pretzel eater, but I tried a bite.  I definitely liked the chocolate and caramel together, especially the white chocolate. 

Sharri's Berries, gifts

This gift was a huge hit and satisfied my hubby's (and my) sweet tooth.  We have definitely become Shari's Berries fans through this experience!  While these are expensive for a family on a budget (roughly $65 including shipping), they are certainly a delicious treat for special occasions, especially Valentine's Day gifts.  And you can find coupon codes on their site.

Right now, you can save 20% off your order of $39 or more through 2/12/13. Find out how at this link:
Sharri's Berries Discounts

Disclosure:  I received the above items for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.  For more info. see my Disclosure Policy.
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  1. Everything looks so yummy :)! My hubby has a huge sweet tooth too I'm going to check them out. I may get him some things for Valentine's day :)

  2. oh, now I am hungry! Wish they shipped to singapore. Might have to send these as a gift to my mom!


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