Tips for Surviving Holiday Road Trips #kiaholidays #spon

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The Holidays.  They can bring excitement as well as dread.  I love the excitement of Christmas; holiday decorating, sharing traditions with family, and exchanging gifts.  But with it comes the challenge of long road trips to see extended family.   Both sides of our family live at least 6 hours away, which can be a long ride with a teen and a toddler in the back seat.   

Surviving a long holiday road trip definitely requires the 3 P's:  Patience, Prayer, and Preparation.  

I've come up with a few tips to hopefully make your holiday road trip a little smoother.

First:  Make a List.  It's important to write down all the things you're thinking of before you forget them.  (and keep your list on the fridge so you don't lose it).

My Must Haves:

Snacks & Drinks (Mountain Dew for Mom & Dad) 
Candy or Gum (Mom & Dad) 
Comfort Items (Toddler)
iPod, charger, Nintendo DS, games & charger (Teen)
Boo Boo Kit
Books (Toddler & Teen)
Baby Wipes, Hand Sanitizer (Bathroom stops)
Diaper Bag (Toddler)
Extra Changes of Clothes
Any gifts you're hauling with you

Second:  Pack items the night before and leave them by the door.  There's nothing worse than rushing around in the morning.  I've learned if I want to leave on time, get it all packed and ready to go the night before.   Then it's just grab and throw it in the car.

Third:   Plan Rest Breaks during the trip.  My toddler needs to move a lot and hates being strapped into a car seat for too long.  So we plan little rest breaks every couple of hours.  We'll stop to get out, stretch our legs, and use a restroom if we need to.

Fourth:  Music Soothes the Savage Beast.     Plug in your iPod and crank up some fun holiday tunes to lighten the mood.  Sing along together.  It can sometimes help calm down angry toddlers and grumpy teens. 

What are your holiday road trip tips?  I'd love to hear how you survive them!

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post with Kia Motors and Social Chorus.  All opinions are my own.  For more info. see my Disclosure Policy.
6 comments on "Tips for Surviving Holiday Road Trips #kiaholidays #spon"
  1. A few years I loaded up all three grand kids and went off to Indiana from Florida. Those break stops were key and allowed the kids to recharge and divert their attention to the scenery and stores we stopped.

  2. Great tips. I love holiday road trips, but man, with 4 young kids they can get exhausting!

  3. Traveling with the kids is not easy. I highly recommend coffee!

  4. We haven't done a long car trip in a while. However, when we did have multi-day trips we did a mixture of audiobooks and shows to break the monotony for the boys.

  5. Being ready the night before is so helpful. I try really hard to make that happen, and I'm getting better at it, but I've yet to be 100% successful. Rushing around, feeling stressed, and being late is never a great way to start a trip!

  6. I always pack up the car the night before, so I can make sure I am not forgetting anything. Leaving at naptime is definitely a must. That way you at least have a few hours of peace and quiet. When we travel, the iPad is my friend. With the iPad, the kids have so many options. They can play games, read, watch movies, and even watch live TV through the DISH Remote Access app. A co-worker of mine at DISH told me about this app, and with a Sling Adapter hooked up to my DISH receiver, the kids have access to all our subscription channels live anywhere we can get a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. I always pack plenty of activities and snacks, but the kids always love to play with the iPad. It is a lifesaver on the road.


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