Nuby Nursery Rhymers Singing Plush

We are quickly building up a collection of favorite "stuffies" at our house.  Because after all, you can't have TOO many cuddly buddies right?

The Nuby Nursery Rhymes Singing Plush is our latest favorite.  This rabbit is about the size of the Ol'McDonald Singing plush and the Tickle Toes Bear.  Not only is he cute with his long ears and little nose, but he is very soft and is perfect for cuddling.

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When you squeeze his tummy, the rabbit sings "Do your Ears Hang Low."  What a trip, right?  I remember singing this song when I was a kid, although I didn't know it was a nursery rhyme.  The Attic Baby loves to dance and try to sing along.  And she'll often tug on her ears at the right parts.

I only wish that there was a way to either take the sound out or an off button for quiet times.  This isn't an ideal plush for nap or bedtime, (she'd play with him more than sleep) but makes a great tag-along friend.

The various characters are recommended for ages 3 months+  

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