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Tweens and teens can sometimes be tricky to buy gifts for.  They change their minds quite often about what they like or don't like and tend to follow the latest trends.   If your teen is anything like mine, he/she is chomping at the bit to be a part of the latest social network to connect with their friends.

Relationships are at the top of your teen's interest list most likely too.  Who's dating who, who likes who...I remember those days, don't you?   

Statz was created for trendsetting teens to display their relationship status in a simple way:  on their hand.  Instead of wondering, your teen will know exactly what someone's relationship status is (without having to look online).

Each colored ring represents a different status:

    * Green: Single
   * Red: In A Relationship
   * Blue: It's Complicated
   * Orange: Crushin'
   * Black: Noneya Business

These plastic rings come in 3 sizes (S, M and L) with a heart shaped clip that is easy to attach to backpacks and purses, making them easily accessible for any status changes.    Simply choose a status and wear it on your right ring finger.  It takes the guess work out of teen dating in a fun way!

While this may appeal more toward girls, I'm sure that they are hoping the guys will get on board with wearing them too.  My teen said he thought they were interesting and that it would make it easier to figure out if the girls had boyfriends without the embarassment of asking around and revealing who he likes. 

Statz make fun stocking stuffers!

Where to Purchase:  $5.99 at Statz Online and various Retailers 

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12 comments on "{2012 Holiday Gift Guide} Statz Rings"
  1. Ohhh I would be surprised if this product did not go viral with tweens! Great price too!

  2. Might make a good stocking stuffer

  3. These would be neat stocking stuffers for our girls. Thanks!

  4. I agree, amazing stocking stuffer! really original and something all teens will love! Super cute! thanks for the share!

  5. I never heard of them. They sound really neat.

  6. Very cute idea for a stocking stuffer gift this year, thanks!

  7. I can totally see this being HUGE with the teens! Although as a parent I would never be able to remember which color stood for what. But that is probably a good thing for the teens right? lol.

  8. What a fun idea. It reminds me of Facebook relationship status. :)

  9. My daughter would love this... Thank you so much for sharing..

  10. Great stocking stuffer idea! I would have loved these as a teen... though I would have likely worn the black most often. LOL I could see these becoming very popular.

  11. These are great stocking stuffers. I love them!


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