Toddler Playdough Fun {Nearly} Wordless Wednesday

My son and I whipped up a batch of some homemade playdough together for his sister. She's still at the stage where she puts things in her mouth so I wanted something that would be okay if she decided to taste-test.

There are lots of recipes for homemade playdough out there, some that are edible even.  I'm avoiding the edible recipes, even though they look fun, because I don't want her to get confused and think playdough is for eating. 

 I used Erika's easy less than 10 minute recipe from Musings of a Stay at Home Mom. (though I didn't use gel paste food coloring so the color was a bit muted)  It cost about $13 for all the ingredients, but it will make lots of batches of playdough.

I handed her a lump or two and let her explore.

playdough recipes, toddler activities

And that she did.  She promptly put some in her mouth. Then took it out to look at what she just tasted.

Homemade Playdough

And decided it wasn't worth trying that again. 

Sensory activities for toddlers

 It kept her attention for a good half an hour!  Definitely a hit in my book!

Sensory Activities for toddlers

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11 comments on "Toddler Playdough Fun {Nearly} Wordless Wednesday"
  1. Looks like she was having a lot of fun!
    Thanks for sharing:)

  2. She looks SO excited about it! Adorable! It's funny how kids always insist on tasting playdough.

  3. The last photo is precious!! LOLing, huh?


  4. Haha! She might prefer the playdough made with KoolAid! ;)

  5. We make stuff like that still....and my kids are teens!! lol - they love it.

  6. The second picture is funny. I love that look of curiosity and regret (with maybe some insight gained).

  7. That looks like fun and she seems to be loving it!!

  8. So cute! I need to go look at that recipe, thanks!

  9. Love making homemade play dough! I just started letting my son play with it.


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