Nuby's Fish Swoosh is a Slam Dunk

Bath time can be tricky with toddlers.  They either want to get in the bathtub or they don't.   (And when they don't, bribery can sometimes get you everywhere, know what I'm sayin?)

 One of the ways I lure little miss into the tub is with fun bath toys.  She likes squirters and the usual rubber ducky.  But the Nuby Fish Swoosh Bath time Play Set has truly been one of her favorites (mom's too because I love me some basketball).

This set one-ups your average squirters by making some slam-dunking fun.  It has a basketball hoop that easily attaches to your bathtub with suction cups.  All you have to do is wet the suction cups and stick.  Mine have stayed stuck since we started playing with them a few weeks ago.  The backboard attaches inside a slot by snapping into place.  (You may need to ask your hubby to help you get that snap in there; I wasn't able to give it the arm force it needed. )

Once your hoop is up, give your little one the fish squirters and watch the fun happen.  It's as simple as that.   Mom and Dad can join in too!

Nuby, bath toys


What I like about this set is that the backboard was able to stand up to my hubby and my 
son's slam dunks and didn't come unstuck.  That really impressed me because those guys know how to throw some tough shots.  I also like that there is a string closure at the bottom of the net that allows you to store the 3 squirters after your toddler is finished playing.

Fish Swoop will keep your little one happy and have them work on their coordination skills at the same time.  Definitely a slam dunk in my book!

This is recommended for ages 18 months+ and can be found at BuyBabyDirect.com for $12.99.

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4 comments on "Nuby's Fish Swoosh is a Slam Dunk"
  1. That is so cute!! My boys would love to have one...but knowing my people, they try to throw everything at arms reach in as they jump in the bathtub...not a good idea! Neat toy nonetheless!


  2. How cute! My daughter is 17 months old and I'm sure she's love this! Thanks for sharing!

    Trisha @ Momma T and Baby E

  3. I wish I had a bathtub, my son would LOVE THIS. but we only have two showers. hmmm maybe time for a new houes :D


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