Tales of a Nuby Sippy Cup

Once upon a time, there was this adorable baby girl who did not like sippy cups.  For the longest time, she would not drink out of anything but a bottle.  Her mama tried desperately to get her to drink out of a sippy cup.  Each morning, she'd give the little princess her regular bottle.  And then at lunch or dinner, she'd hand her a cute little sippy cup.  And the little princess would proceed to cry, bang the cup around, and throw it on the floor.  This repeated and repeated for several days until her daddy started giving her milk from a straw.  

The little princess learned how to suck out of a straw soon enough.  And she was pleased.  She had no need for sippy cups.  But as she grew, her mama was tired of milk spilling out of cups with straws.  So the woman searched high and low for a sippy cup that would make the little princess happy.

Mama went through a lot of different kinds of sippy cups...and then the kind fairy Nuby sent along...

The Nuby No Spill Insulated Soft Sipper

This sippy cup had very special features.  It had a soft spout that was gentle to the little princess' gums and teeth.   The dual-flo valve not only protected her from leaks or spills, but also allowed for choice in fast or slow flow whenever she sipped.  The little princess was able to use the cap to open and tuck back or "snap" into its lid when she wanted a drink.  When she was finished, her mama would flip the cap and keep the spout nice and clean from those pesky germ bugs.   And best of all, the insulation helped keep her drinks cooler for longer periods and didn't leave moisture behind on mama's furniture.

The little princess was very happy with this sippy indeed!

And so was her mama.  And they all lived Happily Ever After.  

Well, almost.  That is, until her mama realized these sippies were hand-wash only.  

Alas, moms have to do dishes even in fairy-tales.

You can find the Nuby No Spill Insulated Soft Sipper from Nuby at BuyBabydirect.com and make your prince/princess happy too.

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9 comments on "Tales of a Nuby Sippy Cup "
  1. AW! What a cutie pie! I like these zippy cups, they look nicely designed. My son was being difficult with sippies at first, but slowly and surely, he got used to it... now he drinks like grownups straight from the glass! ;)

  2. That looks like a fun sippy!

  3. Why does the good kid stuff come out once my boys are old enough to not need them?! Oh well....I wouldn't mind hand-wash only, I already do that ;)

  4. Very cute post! Very cute pictures too :)

  5. Awww she is so adorable. I don't mind hand wash since I hand wash the kids cups because I usually don't have the time to run them in the dishwasher :)

  6. So cute :)

    And yes I remember those days, but handwashing threw me big time!

  7. Ha! Well, I'd say hand washing is a small price to pay for a happy princess! :)

  8. Awwwwww, that sweet and happy smile says it all. Love it!


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