Nuby Tickle Toes Bear Brings Lots of Smiles

There's just something about a stuffed animal that makes you want to hug it, no matter what age you are.  My  daughter has just gotten to the stage of wanting a cuddly plush with her at all times.  She loves it at nap time and often cries if I forget to get one for her.   There are one or two that she often gestures for me to bring for her at bedtime.  I think it's important for a child's development to have a security or comfort item.

The folks at Nuby kindly sent along this cutie:  Tickle Toes Bear.

This little guy is a good size for my 19 month old.  He is roughly 9" from head to bottom; not too large to be awkward to carry, and not too small to give some good cuddles.  He is very soft and does not have any objects that a little one might try to yank off like eyes or tiny buttons.  When you press his left foot, you can hear a child's giggle.

Nuby, stuffed animal, babies, toddlers, tickle toes bear

When my daughter first heard it, her face lit up and she smiled.  Then she laughed along.  It was very cute to watch!

nuby, tickle toes bear, stuffed animals, babies, toddlers, toys

She has been hugging him ever since I gave him to her.  And asking me to push the giggle button on his foot over and over again.  Definitely the kind of reaction you are looking for with a plush bear!  (thankfully the urge to push the button over and over for nearly a half-an hour waned as the novelty wore off)

nuby, tickle toes bear, stuffed animal, plush, toys, toddlers, babies

The only downside to Tickle Toes Bear is that I can't let her nap with him because of the giggle box.  I think that it would be helpful if it were one of those that was located in the belly and you could have the option to remove it (velcro or some sort) for when your child sleeps.  Otherwise, there won't be much sleeping going on.  

This plush has quickly become one of The Attic Baby's favorites.  So much so that she didn't want to share him when a friend came over for a play date.

Tickle Toes would make a wonderful gift, especially for a baby shower or first birthday.  It's cute, cuddly, and brings lots of smiles.

Where to Purchase:

You can find a variety of Tickle Toes from Nuby at BuyBabydirect.com, Kmart, and Walmart.

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11 comments on "Nuby Tickle Toes Bear Brings Lots of Smiles"
  1. Tickle Toes Bear is so cute!! He looks so huggable and soft!!

  2. Love the pictures and her expression of excitement. :-)

  3. I had no idea Nuby made a bear!! Sooo cute!

  4. That is so cute. I want one for my son! Great review!

  5. That is so cute. I want one for my son! Great review!

  6. How darling!! YOur review is fabulous and congrats for being a Nuby Mommy!

  7. totally adorable, liked your review

  8. OMG, that bear is the cutest! I want to get one for my nursery!!

  9. He looks soooo soft and cuddly! Congrats again on the Nuby Mommy Blogger.


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