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One of the frustrating tasks of a mom's day is cleaning up messes.  Toddlers are well known for their whirlwind play; leaving a path of toys, food, and clothes in their wake.  It can be time consuming to follow your toddler around and pick up the messes they leave behind.

Nuby offers moms a solution to a little less clean up.  It's called the Snack Keeper:  a cup with a unique slotted lid that keeps snacks inside the cup instead of on your floor.

The Attic Baby has been testing this out for the past couple of weeks.  (And let me tell you, she is one tough cookie when it comes to clean up patrol.)

I was a bit skeptical after our first test drive of this cup.  The first snack we tried, little O's cereal, didn't turn out so well.  The O's were small enough that they could escape the lid when The Attic Baby shook, banged, and threw the cup.   I had a lot of O clean up on aisle one.

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But we gave it another go.  I tried larger snacks like animal crackers, goldfish crackers, and cheese crackers this time.  Those items stayed in really well.  The only mess that was made was from her throwing the crackers she took out on the floor; something she enjoys doing quite often.    (You can see the goldfish crackers in the photo above with the cup turned upside down over the couch)

It took her a bit to get the hang of pulling out snacks out of the lid.  She was frustrated the first few times, but once I showed her how, she caught on quickly.  

We have tried this snack keeper at home and on-the-go.   It is good for little hands to reach in, pull out the snack, and not have the extras fall onto the floor, table, or in the car.  It is also a good size to throw in your diaper bag for shopping trips.  And I love that it is dish washer safe!

I think I may try out one of the other newer styles next time and see if it holds smaller snacks like O's a little better.

You can find the Nuby Snack Keeper at BuyBabyDirect.com for $3.49 recommended for ages 12 months+

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4 comments on "Nuby Snack Keeper "
  1. These are so cute! What a easy way for them to help themselves. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Our son would love this for car rides!

  3. So cool!! I am thinking these would be PERFECT for Skittles in the car! :)

  4. When my girls were toddlers we had one for each of them for cookies, snacks and cereals when we were at home and out and about.

    I found your site on http://bit.ly/TfZRWL via @angievinez #lower_Alexa_rank please visit my blog http://bit.ly/YDr5u8


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